An example of another useless government department with more bureaucrats than brains.

Contact the QLD Environment and Science Department at the below link to have the bird returned.

Save Molly email the QLD Minister for the Environment Leanne Linard at the below contact

Received from DESI today.

“Good afternoon,

Thank you for your concern regarding a magpie voluntarily surrendered to the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation.
The Department of Environment, Science and Innovation’s (DESI) key priority is the welfare of the magpie and has explored all options available to ensure the magpie receives the care that it needs, in line with current legislation and relevant Codes of Practice related to the care of wildlife.
Legal advice obtained by the department provides a lawful pathway for Ms Wells and her partner, Mr Mortensen should they obtain the appropriate Licence. for the magpie to be legally returned to Ms Well and Mr Mortensen
The Specialised Licence will include strict stipulations surrounding the return of the magpie including:
• prohibition of any ongoing commercial gain from the bird or its image
• undertaking requisite wildlife carer training from a recognised provider approved by the department
• the leading of public education by the licence holders to encourage people to appropriately care for native wildlife and acknowledging the specialist skills required to care for and rehabilitate wildlife
• ongoing engagement with DESI to ensure the bird is receiving adequate care and enrichment.
DESI is working with the couple who surrendered this animal to ensure they have the appropriate licence and training to properly care for the magpie, with stipulations surrounding the return of the magpie.
In Queensland, magpies and other wildlife protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, can only be cared for by licenced carers who have demonstrated to the Department that they have the skills necessary to provide the necessary specialist care.
It is an offence to take or keep protected animals from the wild for longer than 72 hours. Anyone who finds orphaned, sick, or injured wildlife should contact the RSPCA, a licensed carer or a vet as quickly as possible.
The Department of Environment, Science and Innovation is committed to the conservation and protection of Queensland’s native wildlife.”

After becoming disabled I have delt with Government departments for the past 20 years. Everything from police, NDIS, ACCC, consumer affairs,careers etc etc and have yet to find a government department that was actually capable of doing their job with any level of competency. Im still disgusted!

45 Days Later