Well I finally took the plunge and brought a Mora. Id been given cheaper model Moras before and ended up passing them along to mates, I have a phobia about stick tangs but they love them for processing deer. Ive just owned better knives. What I DON’T like about Moras? Plastic handles, plastic sheaths, the same design being re marketed over and over again with slight differences. Put a 90 degree spine on the same model and resell it under a different name. For the price of a Garberg I can get a Nieto Yesca with a decent leather sheath and ferro rod, for another $50 a Joker Ember both having very nice timber handles. Thin blade stock on cheaper models, stick tangs, micro bevels. I think that about covers it.

What Id like to suggest to Mora. One, sharpen the clip point and do a military model with a decent molle compatible kydex sheath and Two, Sell the Garberg as a blank similar to what Spyderco do with the Mule blanks so people can put their own handles on them. Such as MICARTA or even better just do a version with a micarta grip.

Why then did I purchase a Garberg ? Good price, I used afterpay, I wanted to get the price up with an order to get free shipping and I really wanted to have one in my hand and see for myself and before you ask, I am planning on cutting off the plastic grip and replacing it with MICARTA ! Ill also be removing the micro bevel after seeing the cutting tests performed by Cedric. (See below).

What I like about the Garberg? At least it has a what they call a full tang. It goes all the way to the pommel.I class a full tang as being able to see it through the handle scales. I like the blade design and it has a thicker spine at 3.2mm compared to other models. They also have the tempering right.

I really like the look of the Stainless Garberg in Sandvik 14C28N however I went for the Carbon version after watching DBK compare the cutting ability between the two. (See below). I also wanted to try and use the carbon spine for striking against a shard of flint for fire lighting. The carbon being much easier to field sharpen. Id like to take this blade on Dave Canterbury’s Level one course, where minimal equipment is used ( no sharpening stones) and pack weight is going to be a consideration, along with a prerequisite of a carbon steel knife.

I also like the price compared to other blades Ive purchased, this probably being the cheapest blade Ive ever purchased. Sorry Im a knife snob I freely admit it.

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