I just completed the Mushroom Growers Course By Chris Gilmore at Outdoorcore. The course covers such things as oyster mushroom growing, lifecycle and needs, preparing spawn, Inoculating on cardboard, growing in mason jars using coffee grounds, closed loop nutrient cycling, harvesting and second flushes, trouble shooting, growing in straw, mono tub fruiting chambers, pasteurizing and inoculation phases, log tower methods, growing shiitake on logs, when to harvest, processing and storing, ecology and identification.

I found it very interesting. I mainly took the course for the mushroom growing season here only lasts a few months what better way to have a crop all year round than to grow your own. Permaculture principles were discussed such as having three food sources from the one project such as coffee from the grounds, then mushrooms from being inoculated into the used grounds to then recycling into compost after the second flush or crop.

Something I hadnt known before was the mushrooms have their edges turned over they havent as yet released their spores. when the edges have gone out straight the spores have already been released. I feel confident in being able to grow mushrooms now.


(Beware of the introductory prices. This course was listed as 449USD and I was charged $79. I still have not heard back from Outdoorcore regarding this discrepancy).