I found the following Naturalist Courses today on Tracking and Bird language run by Lee Burton at Naturalist Studies.

Bird Language 15 chapters 133 lessons almost 12 hours of video content

Core concepts and significance of bird language

Learning methods

Baseline and alarm behaviors

Bird species to follow

Principles and behavioral norms

Ground and aerial alarms

Advanced alarm types and learning methods

Species of particular interest

Tracking 182 lessons 12 hours of video content

Animal Sign

Tracking Morphology and Ecology

Canine Tracks

Feline Tracks

Ungulate Tracks

Bears Skunks and Procyonidae Tracks

Medium sized Mammal Tracks

Rodent Tracks

Bird Tracks

Reptile and Amphibian Tracks

Scat and Pellets

Aging tracks and Sign

Animal gaits

Trailing Animals