5TH session of Bird Language, one week left. I haven’t written much on Navigation through out the blog. Compasses aren’t my specialty. I’m trying to learn Natural Navigation. I have a lot of Tristan Gooley books to make my way through. Tonight Andrew mentioned Bower Birds build their nests facing North to South with a ten degree margin of error to optimize lighting. I had never heard of this before and thought it would be worth mentioning.

“Lost in the bush with no idea where north is? No problem, look for a satin bower-bird’s dance platform (bower) and you’re off to the races. Well mostly. About 80% of the bowers I find are oriented due north, give or take 10 degrees. North is the side where the sun shines brightest in Spring, offering optimal dance floor lighting conditions. It’s also where he scatters his precious blue and yellow treasures to boost the raunchy performance. The fellow who owned this rather scatty bower i found even boasted shopping cards in his proud collection! Oh, how the ladies must swoon…”

Andrew The bird Guy