I’m currently still stuck inside, inclement weather and possibly another two weeks before the leg brace comes off and was looking for a project I can do. I’m sitting here watching one of my favorite You-tube channels and came across PET Balls. I made these when I was younger before going on to fancier fire starting methods with beeswax but have had a few friends ask about learning some skills and thought this would be a perfect way to teach them basic fire lighting.

cotton balls

The courses Ive been doing for the past few years would frown upon using any artificial fire starter but I thought when first teaching someone with absolutely no experience. You have the choice of either making it hard for them and searching around for natural tinder sources or to make it a fun and enjoyable experience to start with and build up their confidence and then layer their skill level by using natural materials for tinder . Still need to find Petroleum Jelly (PET).

Found the following clip showing the use of wax crayons as an extender. Im going to try the same thing however Ill be using beeswax and a grater.