Dave Canterbury had lined up to come back to Australia after his last visit in 2019 to teach his Basic Survival Class so Ive been told but the plague happened and the trip didnt. Ive gotten all motivated for my Level 2 bushcraft course (Which didnt happen) and thought Id give myself a challenge of going out with only the gear list of the 10cs and by going off youtube videos seeing how I go at duplicating some of what is covered on the Pathfinder couse in case Dave ever makes it back to Australia to teach. Hopefully 2023.

Thats not going to happen now atleast till I have my health back under control, but I must have dribbled on too much with mates at the caravan park I was staying in. Talking about bushcraft all the time because they now want to learn some skills. So were talking about setting up a bushcraft study group.

I thought this is a good way for people to learn, have a support base and just get out and do shit and provide a sense of purpose. Keep in mind this will also involve beer and fishing. Im putting the idea out there to see if others are interested in forming a study group of their own. If it became popular enough maybe we could approach Dave and see if he was interested in becoming involved over the internet, you never know.

The 10 C’s of Survivability refer to the 10 Categories of Tools used in survival. Please separate the 10 C’s into an easily manageable backpack or haversack (shoulder bag) as these are the primary tools you will utilize:

1) Cutting Tools:

Knife: Should be non-coated with a 90 degree spine.

Folding Saw

2) Combustion Devices: Fire Kit Components

Two Bic Lighters

1/2” x 6” Ferrocerium Rod (DO NOT bring a small one!)

3) Cover: Emergency Shelter

All Weather 5×7 Space Blanket

Four, 6mil, 55 gallon Drum Liners

One Queen Size Wool Blanket or Swagman Roll

6 plastic tent stakes (no metal)

4) Cordage:

100ft Paracord

100ft #36 Tarred Bankline

5) Container: Drinking & Cooking

Qty 2 Pathfinder 32oz Bottle and Nesting Cup (or equivalent and MUST be wide mouth)

6) Compass

Must have bezel ring, sighting mirror and magnifying lens and non-lensatic

Recommended Suunto MC-2

Ranger Pace beads

7) Cloth & Repair

3′ x 3′ of 100% Cotton Material (Shemagh or XXXL Orange T Shirt)

Scrap Cotton material like an old T (100% Cotton)

(1) #14 Sail Needle

8) Candling Device: Lighting

Headlamp with Spare Batteries

9) Cargo: Tape

1 Large Roll of Gorilla Tape (Not Standard Duct Tape)

10) Combination Tool: Multi Tools

Leatherman Style Multi Tool or Swiss Army Knife

Additionally you will need:

All Weather Notebook/ Journal

3 Pencils/ All Weather Pens

Clothes appropriate for weather conditions.

Appropriate Hygiene Items

So the idea is to learn to do the following:

Make a Bucksaw frame with a 21 inch blade

flint and steel fires

frensel lens fires

20 feet rope soft shoulder straps for pack frames both Roycroft and H ladder style

dismantle and use a wet bic lighter

make a mallet


6 toggles

4 tent stakes

fire bow and bearing block fires

natural shelters

emergency shelters using mylar tarps

knots and lashings

knife sharpening

bush style cooking over a fire

filtering water

try stick carving


splitting wood

plumbers vice

Basic Class Gear Update 2022

Intermediate Gear List

Scout Course

Advanced Class

Pack Frame

Rescue A Wet BIC Lighter

Try Stick