Trying out Dave Canterbury’s new ridge-line system using toggles.

toggles 100mm long
carving and debarking the tea tree wood
setting up the prusic loops to tension the tarp
using a figure 8 instead of a bowline
almost forgot the last loop for the anchor point
takes seconds to deploy
holds tension very well

Rapid Ridge-line System ? It works really well but it did take me 2 hours to put together. With finding the cordage, trying a figure 8 loop, double stopper knots, prusic knots, larkshead knots and double fisherman’s knots. Carving, cutting and drilling the tea tree. Id still like to adjust the prusic loops to be shorter to prevent tangling. Ive also used a figure 8 instead of the standard bowline, it doesn’t come undone with the 750 cord that I use for oilskin tarps over the 550 cord. Ive also used 4 prusic loops with toggles, 2 for the ends and 2 for the center loops of the tarp.

EDIT 25th May

Have redone the loops using 3mm paracord instead of hootchie cord. Less tangles this way, I also don’t like using bank-line for the same reason. I started off with two lengths of 300mm I’m now using two lengths of 250mm or 500mm in total lengths. I see many people using the same diameter cordage for the ridge-line as for the prusics, this doesn’t work.

loop size comparison
finished showing half sized loops to previous version
3mm tactical 3 strand vs hootchie cord

3mm Tactical