From Wiki ; (The Sami knife (Sami: stuorraniibi = “big knife”, Finnish: lapinleuku or leuku), is a large knife traditionally used by the Sami people.

The Sami knife has a long, wide, and strong blade that is suited for light chopping tasks such as de-limbing, cutting small trees for shelter poles, brush clearing, bone breaking and butchering tasks, and is sometimes used as a substitute for an axe for chopping and splitting small amounts of firewood from standing dead trees—an essential ability when all dead and fallen wood is buried underneath many layers of snow. Typical Sami knives have a blade length ranging from 200 millimetres (7.9 in) to 450 millimetres (18 in).

The blade’s edge often has a Scandinavian grind, i.e. a single flat bevel. The blade should be strong enough to split (reindeer) bones, and tempered to sustain low temperatures.

The Sami people typically use two knives; the smaller called a, puukko or unna niibaš ( “small knife” ); while the larger “Sami knife” is called stuorra niibi ( “big knife” ). An even larger version known as a Väkipuukko (or Sax) is similar to a seax named after saxons.)

The Shaman Leuku arrived today. The postage only took a week from Hungry. We were a little concerned with the shipping at the moment as to whether it would arrive or not. Laci was great to deal with, always keeping me up to date and great to chat with.

file work

Made from Slepner Tool Steel, a tougher version of D2 steel with greater edge retention and hardness. I was looking for a Leuku that was a modernized version. This one is 200mm long approx 6mm thick but looks much thicker. However doesnt feel heavy, that you would think from the look of the full tang. I really like how Laci finished it off for me with the rustic file work to the handle.

leather sheath

Had to have a quick chop for an initial testing. Felt no hot spots on the handle, no harmonics. I only had seasoned Yellow box Gum on hand and the blade made quick work of it and left no rolling or chipping to the blade and could still take hair off my arm. I like that it has a hand guard unlike traditional versions.

high scandi grind

I’m no longer living in an area with a state forest so Im having difficulty finding green wood to do my testing on. Ill have to do a complete review after I have a chance to spend a few months using it. I luv the nice high scandi grind. The sheath is made of thick leather and reinforced with rivets with what feels like an oil finish.

nice balance

It arrived at just the right time. I’m finally out of the leg brace after six months but still require one crutch outdoors and can only bend the knee to 90 degrees. Between the pain killers and loosing the staffy I’m going a little stir crazy so blade testing will get me motivated to get out more and explore the area. Not really the same without the dog following me around watching everything I’m doing with a look on her face like what are you doing crazy human but Ill follow you around anyway.

heavy tang unlike traditional stick tangs