from left Opinel, silky out back pocket boy 170mm, silky pocket boy 130mm, Laplander

This is the first time Ive had all the pruning saws in one place at the same time to compare.

Opinel in size with 130mm Silky
Outback 170mm next to Laplander
saw cuts 130mm on left outback on right
laplander cut on far right

I was chatting to Al Ainsworth about the saws I was selling and he mentioned that he found the Outback cut much better than the other saws and this was the first time Ive had all of them together. I had given away the silky pocket boy 130mm to a mate but asked for it back to specifically do this test.

I had purchased the silky 130mm for an edc but never had a use for it and found after cutting next to the other the width of the cut is much thinner. The opinel which I’m selling is nice to use however I need a multi-tool every time I want to open the blade.

Cutting between the Silky outback and the Laplander. Horses for courses. If I was cutting a branch from higher up the pull stroke of the silky and if cutting lower down the Laplander push stroke as I used to a carpenter saw. Ill keep both and keep swapping them around through my kit.

They’ve both ended up in my lock box because the only time I use either one is on a training course. The first saw I grab to cut timber for firewood is a Boreal.