the special forces 1 and 2 combined with the baffle

Its been a week since getting out of hospital and Ive only just started walking around the block to test my exercise level. All my camping gear was still sitting in a pile in the corner, so I thought I better make a effort and try and sort some of it. The next three weeks are booked up with Xrays of knees, CT scans of neck, MRI scans of pancreas, blood tests,Eco-cardiograms and a heart beat monitor.

Its not as hard as it looks on You-tube to fit out the Special Forces One and Two bags together using the baffle. Start from the outside with the special Forces One before doing the Two. id like to add a longer zip-pull to the center zip so you can tell which is which in the dark and maybe tape up the other two zippers.

I used only the Special Forces Two last week and I was wearing only pants and a T shirt. No socks or thermals and at 3am it did get cold, possibly 10 degrees Celsius. I also didnt have the hood pulled up tight. When we first went to sleep it was too hot and I had the bag opened. It will be interesting to try the two bags together.

Id also like to upgrade the sleeping pad to a Nemo Tensor insulated version. I was only using a Sea to Summit 3/4 summer mat in combination with a Platatac 3/4 Gonk mat..

Im currently in a minus 5 bag in my swag along with an extra egg foam mattress, a blanket underneath and two on top and find it cold here at 4am.