with 2 cup set

Id been looking for a Stanley Adventure 2 Cup Cook-set 0.7L for a while and found them selling at the Aussie Storm Shop. This is first impressions only I haven’t had time to cook with it or to grab my Pathfinder nesting pots out of storage to do a comparison in size.

extended handle

I’m planning on doing a cook-set article and having several of the Pathfinder Bushpots, Snowpeak and GSI pots to show how I use and incorporate into my gear.

not too sure about the plastic handle

I primarily purchased the Stanley to use on a butane cooker for one pot cooking. Just from first looks there are advantages and disadvantages. Its well made and I like the side handle.

just fits on the pocket rocket

However my canteen doesn’t fit over it, which wasn’t a concern for how I’m using it.I also wasn’t interested in the 2 cup set which are a plastic material. No bail arm but once again it was purchased for butane cooker use. Not too sure about the lid handle. Would have liked metal over plastic.

maybe two teeth held on each side

The Stanley only just fits on the MSR Pocket Rocket stand. I’m going to have to try filling up the Stanley and tilting the MSR supports to see if they’ll handle the weight or if that’ll even be necessary.

Purchased mainly for storing in the vehicle for quick meals traveling or for backups for emergency breakdowns. Cant complain about the quality or the price tag. My main concern is how steady it’ll be on the cook stand. No one has seemed to complain about the diameter on you-tube.