front view

This is really Part 2 of Wool Anoraks. I finally made the decision to purchase a Mackinaw coat over an Anorak. I did this for several reasons. One its not really cold enough in Australia for an anorak. It would be something Id only use one month out of the year, two I found a good price and shipping through Natural Man in the UK rather than going through an American store with their shipping costs. Like most bushcraft clothing the UK its much easier to import from to Australia than from the US.

rear view

I also thought a Mackinaw coat I could use throughout the year, therefore getting the most use for the cost of purchase. I really wanted a wool coat for using on bushcraft courses. I also saw many you-tube reviews of anorak brands that were stating the wool was very itchy. The Mackinaw Ive been wearing around the house for the past half an hour in a t-shirt and not itchy at all. Very comfortable and enough room for wearing a hoodie underneath. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase the vest to match at the same time. The temperature is steadily starting to drop so Ill see how the coat goes over the next few months. Shipping from the UK is currently taking around 20 days.

inside lining

Why WOOL ? Its cool when its hot, fire proof near an open fire and if it gets wet still keeps you warm.