Mushroom Identification and Pig Butchery as per below information and links

Mushroom Foragers TOUR

Saturday 30th of April 2022, 9am

Saturday 14th of May 2022, 9am
with Natasha Vorogushin

$185 a ticket

Ever wanted to be able to tell a Milk Cap from a Slippery Jack or simply the nasty from the nice in the world of wild mushrooms?   Free, fresh and foraged foods are a joy to cook if you know how to identify what’s good to eat and the best places to find them.

Nothing makes our always resourceful resident foodie Natasha happier than growing, and foraging her own food. Join Natasha and avid citizen micologist and the String & Salt team for a bus ride around West Gippsland with a frypan, a pepper grinder and a willingness to jump a few fences.

You will learn where to locate and how to identify the best safe wild mushrooms, wild herbs and roadside fruits and nuts.

After exploring farmland, pine forests and roadsides enjoy a wild feast, a glass of wine, good company and whatever weather the day brings

This tour will commence  from and return to String & Salt in Warragul. Refreshments and snacks provided. 

Please note: This class includes off site activities and is not suitable for people under 18 or with mobility difficulties. The tour goes in all weathers, so bring a coat and suitable footwear and a small basket for collecting produce. 

Big Pig Weekend 

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of June 2022
with Dave Cann, Trevor Perkins and Joel Young

$490 a ticket

The ultimate weekend of butchery, charcuterie making topped of with a pork themed degustation at Hogget Kitchen!

Our  highly anticipated pig weekends have become String & Salt’s flagship class, booking out year after year. We’re delighted to be bringing together our favourite friends and experts for the ultimate nose-to-tail charcuterie and pork cookery experience over two days.

Day one will focus on breaking down the pig, basic butchery, terrine making and preparation for the following day of sausage and salami making.

In the evening enjoy a shared table at Hogget Kitchen and be treated to Chef Trevor Perkins renowned house-made charcuterie and terrines and a selection of dishes using many cuts of pork.

On day two, you will  be joined by some special guests for a day of making homemade salumi and sausages. The day will be spent seasoning and filling a variety of sausages and salami and discussing the finer points of air drying and curing at home.

By the end of the weekend you will have gained hands on experience butchering, making terrines, bacon, prosciutto, coppacollo, salami and sausages.

Both days will include a substantial and hearty lunch and refreshments with all equipment and ingredients provided.