Colloquially, “stupid” can mean “easy.” You can also say something is “stupid hard,” meaning “extremely hard.” Discipline is Hard, All in, all the time.
You have to give everything you have just to make it to the next day. Just like managing stress, you have to focus on one piece at a time. So don’t worry about the test you have in the afternoon. Your goal is to make it to breakfast. Then lunch, and so on.
Whether you are building a startup, leading a team in an organization, being an parent, battling cancer, or training for a triathlon, it’s got to be all or nothing. Mediocrity and moderation won’t get the job done. Give everything you do, everything you’ve got.
This is something I forgot. Well not forgot, more have put away else where for a time.. Being tired, depression and pain can do that. Pain and anger can also help you remember to bring that part of you back. Well it always has for me. Its just not kicking in as it normally has.
Everytime some dumbarse doctor has told me Im terminal, Id get angry and fight harder. I guess I miss the dog. She would keep me calm and kept me centered. Nothing else would matter as long as she was taken care of.
I do my 800 meters first thing in the morning, start my sets of squats, calf raises and hamstring curls, leg extensions and build them up till it feels like the knee will rip out of the socket and yet Im still not pushing myself hard enough. I can feel that Im not. 110 degree bend as of last fortnight. Not good enough. Im refusing to take the pain killers anymore. I can deal with the pain but I cant deal with the lack of concentration.

at least the scar is healing