Ill be having a coffee with Alex Mileham from Survival Courses Tasmania next week. Alex has done numerous extended treks, in the the Nepalese Himalayas, North & Northwest India, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, as well as a number of remote regions in the UK, Indonesian islands, the Australian mainland and Tasmania.

I had a wish list of things to do while in Tasmania. Fly fishing for large trout, look at the three largest trees in the state and do a couple of days training with Alex. However after the van build has emptied the bank account and the 16 days of hospital have absolutely flattened me. Ive had to cancel much of my intended trip.

Ill be working my way slowly up the east of Tasmania, staying at free camp spots until reaching the ferry in time to head back to the mainland. Ive lost too much muscle and energy and need a good three months of bike riding to get my lung function back up to a decent level before trying to tackle training again.