Surviving The Wild By Joshua Enyart

I read this book some months ago and just flicked though it quickly to start this review while I was in the mood for writing. I don’t know who comes up with the titles for these books. They usually have nothing to do with the contents of the books. They should have called it Basic Bushcraft Course or something similar. This book probably outlines a basic training course and then some in one of the most intricate and detailed references to date. Dont worry about getting any other bushcraft books for your first bushcraft learning book. Get this one first, is all I can say. Id like to see more books by the same author. An intermediate and advanced bushcraft training manual , a plant identification reference and uses and especially an entire book dedicated to practical wilderness medicine. More knowledge in one book than any other 5 books Ive read on the same subjects and in a down to earth descriptions and practical use of the subject matter.