Swagman Roll Alternatives

I was watching the below clip from Corporals Corner and trying to figure out how I could ever afford another Swagman Roll for my gear, when after his suggestion I thought well do I really need another . How often do I require a poncho ? Or will a blanket suffice? Can I swap around different products to suit weather conditions and seasons? I had never owned a standard Woobie and found an Australian version on Eprey from Platatac era 2010. So Ill be trying out the following three options over the next few months and seeing where they fit within my systems.

Helicon Tex Swagman Roll Adaptive Green 145 x 200cm

Platatac Terra Firma Australian Army AMCU Colour Poncho Liner WOOBIE Blanket. 208 x 143 cm

Snugpak Softie Tactical Blanket Multicam 139cm x 211cm



size comparison rolled up l swagman roll middle platatac woobie right snugpak
colours top adaptive green middle terra bottom multicam


  1. Bill Smith

    I’m interested in getting one of the Platatac Woobies, how have you found it so far? I can’t really find any reviews on it.

  2. seratbushcraft

    They were old stock from off their eprey store. I havent had a chance to try it out yet. Been trying to concentrate on getting back in shape after loosing so much weight from having covid. pushing myself so much I havent much energy left for anything else. trying to get atleast 15 kms on the bike each day ontop of weights at the gym. I think the heavier snugpak is thicker and larger but also three times the price. atleast the Platatac is cheap and aussie.

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