The challenge to any of you out there that are trying to prepare yourself to educate yourself to be a better protector and someone that can render Aid to other people I want to challenge you not just to take anything you see off social media take it at face value and start implementing that right away take some time to dig into this and figure out are there other people that are doing this as well is this just one person’s idea of what is a good thing to do or am I collectively taking a bunch of data from a lot of people and saying yes it seems that this trend is consistent among a lot of people and something that is applicable to where I am right now and the setting that I am working in so not only do we have to make sure that the data we’re getting is good solid data from a majority of people that are all validating this data but then we have to make sure that this applies in the specific area that we plan to be using it and that’s kind of what we’re talking about.

Paraphrased from Six Echo