My Sit Spot has been in my front yard due to my leg injury and its been an eye opening experience because the birds have gotten used to me and now come out when I leave the front door to welcome me. However with the sit spot challenge in March I wanted to try something different for the week and find another place where I could sit for an hour or two and not be disturbed by others and today I found a nice little seat by the river where a colony of finches and fruit bats live and thought this would make a great place for my challenge week.

Things to look for in a sit spot:

1) Near wild nature; surrounded by native plants of different types and sizes,which provide shelter for the animals who live there.

2) A transition zone ;This is a place where one type of landscape meets another.

3) Close to a natural water source

4) Private

5) A realistic distance from home

Ive been building up my knee on the exercise bike at the gym and finally got up the courage to try out the new electric motor on my mountain bike and since then have been out every day building up the distance and strength in my legs. Whenever my knee has too much I just motor home. Today I managed both sides of the river track for the first time. I cant handle being inside all the time. Getting out every day resets your mind. It just means pain killers throughout the day when the knee seizes up afterwoods, however its becoming less and less.

the walking trail where I ride
I believe they’ve started posing for me
the view from my current sit spot
saying hello in the afternoon
this one begging for food (see paragraph below)
afternoon feeding time
the view of the river from the bike track
fruit bats/flying foxes roosting
a nice fishing spot Ill be trying out next week
more of the bike track further along
the perfect sit spot (the contemplation seat)

The baby Magpies have actually started training us. They let us know when the fountain needs to be turned on for them to water, and one in particular yesterday was sitting in the crosspiece of the hand rail making an unusual noise. It was half companion call half chortling which I hadn’t heard before and it wouldn’t leave . I stood there for some time recording it. Then I figured out it wanted feeding. I had to cut up some left over lamb sausage into small pieces and leave out for them.