I was put onto a short hike near where I was traveling through to a suspension bridge. I thought easy, clearly marked wheel chair access. Not too sure of the distance only that it should have been within my limits and I haven’t been doing much on the blog. The road started off with massive tree ferns and a blanket of wild flowers along the sides of the bitumen before reaching the parking bay. The track seemed well marked and a gentle slope. The first 350 meters where well within my tolerances. The next 800 meters to reach the destination , going down hill felt like I was being stabbed in the knee every time I put my left foot down. I knew i was going to have trouble climbing back up the gradient. Wheel chair access pigs arse., came to mind as clearly whomever designed the track had never spent time in a chair I finally reached the bridge and thought this was not a good idea. 15 feet at a time dragging my knee back up the hill until reaching the first sign post a half a step at a time with that leg. The walk itself wasn’t that inspiring but like many things it wasn’t the destination but what you learn along the way. I took many things away from that short hike. Id spent months and months pushing myself to increase my lung capacity to post COVID levels and to increase my knee strength but all that felt like I hadn’t achieved anything today. I managed to get back to my camp and washed down several panadiene forte with an iced coffee. It knocked my out for hours. When i first damaged my spine I had to take ten panadiene forte a day with a 6 pack of beer just to function. To get out of bed, to walk the dog. Trying to get all the meds out of my system has lowered my resistance to pain killers. It was when I woke up that I thought of how much more work I still had to do to get back on my feet. I didn’t leave it at not accomplishing anything, only that I would have more work to do.

Mountain Ash
bridge supports
still trying to identify I believe its a coral fingi