The following youtube seminar pretty much sums up where we are in the world today and what possible ramifications will be happening in the next 30 years and what has led us to this point. A very interesting talk by Peter Zeihan and how agriculture and economics effect the planet.

It will be interesting how the restriction of the three big fertilizer types will be the new way of fighting. Economics and agriculture are the new ways of fighting wars and control.

Brief notes Pay attention to the following;

trade routes for fuel supplies 2 destroyers in the Indian ocean
imports and exports from different countries and reliance
air launch cruise missiles to Australia and range
great incites into barrack Obama and Donald Trump
export markets, health, mass consumption, financial stability and food countries require all these to remain stable
African swine flu in pig herd culled in the last three years and how they are fed quickly to build herd back up
food unstable countries
3 to 8 years to bring oil field on line
shale basins 3 to 8 weeks to bring on line and transport and all on land
9 access points to Russian defense Georgia Crimea karvekstan Ukraine

all three fertlizers removed at some time and consequences

Russia and belarus potash 2nd and 4th exporters
phosphate based fertilizers from china
nitrogen due to fuel problems