Three of my favorite things Trees, History and Jo staffs all combined in the one video by Tom Langhorne on the Fandabi Dozi channel. I usually watch Tom for his insights into staff Fighting something Ive trained in for several years however I also have an interest in history especially Celtic being part mongrel I guess 43% England and Northwestern Europe, 22% Scotland, 22% Ireland, 7% Germanic Europe and 6% Other Regions which would be Spanish among them.

In this video he delves into Celtic history of trees and their uses. The reason Im posting this apart from being an interesting video is that Tom has purchased a 7 acre woodland and is trying to raise funds for it by raffling three handmade Staffs made from Ash, Hazel and Birch.

Fandabi Dozi

Fund Raising till the 25th of the 4th 2022