I finally took the plunge and purchased the Tops Field-craft in Green Micarta and 154CPM steel. I really liked the shape and the feedback from people that owned them. However there were a few little things that had put me off. Notably the Shango Notch and the Gimping. I had a few ideas on modifying the blade. Not something I like doing anymore, Id rather not buy the blade if I have to do too much to get them to work but I just couldn’t get this design out of my head.

Then I saw the below clip by Knifetime Story and forked the money straight out. He came up with a few things I hadn’t thought of namely the scandi-vex grind and removing stock from the hand guard. The other mods Id like to do are removing the rear of the butt, taking the shango notch away completely. I still haven’t come across anyone that has liked it. Although I will be trying it out before doing the removal just out of curiosity.Linishing the gimping down to be more user friendly and adding a 90 degree spine. I’m still on the fence about the scandi-vex. That will require a little more thought. I was aiming for a full scandi but once again Ill test the blade thoroughly before going overboard. Pics and update to follow.


Scandi Vex ?

Shango Notch