I have always wanted a TOPS Anaconda 9 Tanto Point designed by Ron Hood. However Ive been gradually selling off my large chopper collection to fund other hobbies. I thought Id get more use out of the Anaconda 7B Hunters Point version as an all round survival knife and then came across the Firestrike 45. I liked the shape better and no choil. There’s not really much on this model out there. The steel Eagle tends to get more attention. What I like about the Firestrike is no choil and the tip seems to have a more tactical shape. The clip/drop point and chisel point never really did it for me on the other three similar models. I like 7 to 8 inch blades as all round camp knives that I can also chop with. Of late Ive concentrated on shorter bushcraft styles. Id like to compare the Firestrike in 7 inch with an ESSE Junglas 2 in an 8 inch as an survival with a blade only option. Probably been watching too much Walking Dead reruns and The last Of Us. Its much lighter than I thought it would be, chops fine but not as well as the Junglas 2. Could be used as a combat knife similar to a Kabar. The hump in the grip takes a little to get used to, Id like to grind out the finger choil in the grip to make it more comfortable for my size hands.