(Disclaimer not a medical technician. This is personal opinion blah blah blah for the snowflakes)

Im putting this up for a mate that was asking questions about what to purchase after looking at the medical kits and IFAKs on the US sites.

I pretty much said buy from Tacmed Australia and make your own its cheaper. To put together a Wilderness medical kit theres a good youtube clip by the Grey Bearded Green Beret linked at bottom of the page. One thing I would like to emphasis that was on the full length dvd was you not qualified watching a youtube clip, go out and get proper training.

Some people will say to use one type over another. Simply put I use different bandages for different applications.

Firstly Pressure Bandages.

Israeli vs Olaes. I use both The Olaes has 3 meters of packing gauze included and a plastic sheet for abdominal wounds and a velcro braking system to stop the bandage unrolling. The Israeli has a plastic clip to make it easier to obtain better pressure.

Israeli left Olaes right

In all my IFAKs I have Olaes bandages due to the extras. I use the flat pack version in my Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma kit so it will fit. Where I use Israeli Bandages are on my harnesses and gun belt set up. They just fit easier into the type of tourniquet holder I use.

Israeli on harness

Tourniquet Differences.

Once again there are advantages and disadvantages of each type and style. On all my harness and belt systems I use SOF T wide. They’re wider for femoral leg wounds and have an aluminum windlass as opposed to a plastic one.If I’m going to use something on myself I want the best. The SOF T also has a buckle system so once staged you don’t have to slide it up over the appendage. They also have a triangular locking system for the windlass as opposed to a velco locking tab.

SOF T on harness showing triangular locking lug

In the IFAKs I keep in my medical kits I use the SWAT rubber style. I don’t care if I apply it to someone else and they are dragged off in an ambulance with a $20 piece of equipment. Where as the SOF T version s are more than three times in price. The Swats also pack smaller and flatter.

swat rubber

The RATs versions are great for keeping around for kids and they fit in pockets the smallest. I always have them about.

couldnt get a good pic of mine

Gauze and Quickclot

Combat Gauze is the best but also very expensive so I use it with my firearms related equipment, and stand sport quickclot in my other gear.

combat gauze

It came down to price, packing ability and where I expect the most damage to a wound as to where I would use different pieces of gear. For Combat you have four appendages so need four tourniquets. For bushcraft use I carry Two. A SOF T and a RATs for Kids. You can never own too many tourniquets or pressure bandages. Dont get hung up on hype better off having one than none.

Tacmed Australia


Grey Bearded Green Beret

Tactical Gear RATS

Olaes Use

Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma kit


Q and A

Q; Why do I use more than one type.
A; If I could afford all SOF T tourniquets I would buy all SOF T but I cant . I also wanted to try out a few different ones for myself which not many people do.prices listed below and I look out for sales specials usually.
Q; Why use different ones for those applications
A; First RATs always have a tourniquet for kids and they fit in a pocket the easiest to carry on a person and not in a kit.
Second I have three SOF T one for harness, one for battle belt and third for bushcraft gear. I cant afford any more than that. Those are the places I expect the greatest amount of bleeding.
Third SWATs I can afford to fill my IFAKs and trauma kits with these
SOF T t $46
SWAT $20 from legear normally $30
RATS $35
CATS $65
combat gauze $80