A different way of tying a truckers hitch without having to feed the entire length of cord through the slip loop.

EDIT 02 May Dave just came out with this clip using a prusic to combine several methods. Great idea. I saw another clip using an additional prusic to hold a toggle to use at the opposing end so it was always attached to the line instead of tying a Siberian hitch. It got me thinking though about the below clip using a taut line hitch for mechanical advantage.

I’m going to try and incorporate a pulley system into the ridge-line by having a 30 foot ridge-line and cut it in half. Add a directional figure 8 and a taut line hitch about a third of the way towards one end. Then use a prusic loop at the beginning with a toggle to form the quick loop with a bowline and then tie a Siberian hitch at the other end. A work in progress. I have trouble with my hands holding tension. So I’m trying to figure out a way to reduce that effect with the damage I have in my fingers. A double over hand stopper knot included at the end of the loose cord in the above video would prevent the end ever slipping through.

In the meantime I’m going to add several more prusics to my ridge-line besides the usual two and end up having 6 all up. 4 to hold the tarp. Two at the ends and two for the middle tarp loops. 1 to hold a toggle for the bowline and the 6th to try out Dave’s new method.

Kevin Estela 2:30 twisting the loop 3 times

EDIT 9 May

The below video shows using soft shackles to attach the prusic lines to the tarp. This may also work for the 6×8 oil skin half shelters bottom. Instead of using toggles.