Today was fitting the solar panels, puttying the walls ready to paint, threading wiring through the walls and varnishing the hard wood panels. Had change of mind with the color arrangement. Instead of the black on timber look, may go for a hardwood varnished look on a beige wall concept. Had never realized there were so-many types of ply wood since visiting Tasmania.

feeding wiring though cavity’s
puttying the walls to paint
hard wood stencils finished
solar panels mounted
varnished the hardwood

Been a long day. Shoulder played up after feeding wire all day. Between the two of us almost half a bottle of whiskey gone. Been over doing it. Not all fun and games building a van. Between the back injuries, leg injuries, reduced lung capacity. I’m feeling it but after 12 years on an oxygen bottle and four years in a wheel chair, loving every minute of it though. Good catching up with a mate too. If I’m not doing something I feel disabled, at-least working I feel like I’m accomplishing something F*k the pain.