Been in hospital for the past 3 days with COVID. It didn’t really hit me like I thought it would. Slight tiredness and a dry cough.. One of the guys here came down positive and the hospital said I should come in for a checkup and I came back positive aswell. They were more worried about me getting rejection or pneumonia and pumped me full of Remdesivir. Still a little tired and unsteady on my feet. My mate has been hard at work installing the walls with backing insulation and installing the ceiling. This was the last place Id ever thought I would catch it. Not much between here and Antarctica. From what I was told being a transplant patient I would have ended up on a respirator. Wouldn’t let them put me on oxygen unless I dropped to under 90% oxygen level and refused a wheel chair. After 12 years on nasal prongs and 4 in a chair they were going to have trouble convincing me. Took me a little effort to keep my level above 92% but managed it.

bamboo ceiling on black

Still having a little trouble concentrating but back into work tomorrow. I was going nuts inside a small room for the three days.