I was taking a break between packing, vehicle repairs, loading firewood, etc by going through the Live Ready channel and catching up on clips by Fieldcraft Survival. I have several water filters for traveling and hiking and had never really considered carrying water purification tablets, until watching a clip where Kevin Estela takes students out on a 72 hour challenge surviving off nothing else but contents of a zip lock bag.

The bushcraft courses in Australia teach to use a filter bag (Brown Bag) and boiling.

On the Live Ready channel it showed how to use an oven bag to boil water. It just got me thinking that along with bin liners, oven bags may be another good item to carry along with purification tablets.

Keven Estela is one of those instructors Id like to put on my wish list of people Id like to train with, especially the 72 Hour Challenge.

One thing that no one shows you when boiling water in plastic is cooling down the bags to drink from, how many times a plastic bag can be used to boil from and how to drink from one easily. (This is when you have no water bottles available in a survival situation.) Very few also show pre-filtering with a bandana.

Aquatabs vs Micropur

Both kill Viruses , Bacteria and Giardia but only the Micropur kill Cryptosporidium but only after 4 hours. It is also 4 times as expensive. Which would I carry ? Both! Use the Aquatabs when you know there’s no Cryptosporidium and have the Micropur on hand when there may be the chance of greater infection. The Aquatabs also only take 30 minutes to work.

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

Aquatabs water purification tablets are our pick for traveling to a location where clean drinking water is a legitimate concern thanks to the variety of water-borne diseases these effectively treat.

Key Features

Quantity: 100 individually packaged tablets

Time: One tablet purifies up to 22 ounces of water in 40 minutes

Active ingredient: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate


Low-profile wrappers take up minimal space and travel well

Effectively purifies smaller bottles of water

Very affordable for a large number of tablets


Wrappers are not easily recyclable

Not suitable for long-term daily use

Aquatabs water purification tablets are ideal for traveling as well as for outdoor activities and emergency preparedness thanks to their ability to kill 99.99 percent of Giardia cysts, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other water-borne diseases. The tablets dissolve quickly and result in clean-tasting water in just 40 minutes. Tablets are individually packaged to preserve freshness and have a 4- to 5-year shelf life. Aquatabs tablets are EPA-registered and meet NSF/ANSI standards.

Aquatabs is headquartered in Ireland, and its parent company Kersia is ISO 9001 and GMP certified (for quality management practices). The company works with local partners and NGOs to bring sustainable water disinfection solutions to target communities struggling with access to fresh water.

Katadyn Micropur M1 Purification Tablets

Katadyn Micropur M1 purification tablets have a lightweight and low-profile packaging that fits in the tiniest space in your pack. Plus, they don’t leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste.

Key Features

Quantity: 30 individually packaged tablets

Time: One tablet purifies one liter of water in four hours

Active ingredient: Chlorine dioxide


Low-profile foil wrappers take up minimal space

Protects against several bacteria and viruses

Minimal taste


Longer purification time

Not suitable for long-term daily use

The Katadyn Micropur M1 Purification Tablets result in fresh-tasting water that is effective against several types of microorganisms, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and cysts—including Cryptosporidium. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the woods around a basecamp and don’t need the tablets to be immediately purified, these EPA-registered tablets are a great choice. The longer purification time (four hours) means that you’ll need to treat them at the campsite or in your car while you’re out exploring, but you’ll come back to clean drinking water without an aftertaste.

Katadyn is a brand under The Katadyn Group, a global corporate group headquartered in Switzerland (although the tablets are produced in Germany) with a broad portfolio covering self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply. The brand participates in humanitarian and emergency relief efforts around the world by offering water purification and filtration systems.



the best way Ive seen to hold the bag when boiling

I included wet weather fire lighting here to show Kevins teaching style, his attitude is infectious.