Day three of the seven day sit spot challenge introduced us to Fox Walking and Owl Eyes. Owl Eyes is splatter or wide angle vision, where as fox walking is the way of walking to minimize impact when compared to heel to toe walking or defined as destination walking.

Fox Walking

“When you walk barefoot, the proper way is to place the outer edge (or “blade”) of your foot down first and roll inward, putting your heel down last. This means minimal impact, silent steps, and time to move your foot before committing it if there is a sharp rock underfoot”.

Owl Eyes

“Spread your arms out to your sides as wide and as far back as you can, while looking straight ahead. Expand your peripheral vision and wiggle your fingers. Move your hands forward until you can see your fingers wiggling in your peripheral vision. HOLD that right there, taking in the whole scene but not tunneling in on one object. You’re now in wide angle vision”.

I had arrived at my sit spot and stayed 30 meters away to dismount my bicycle and walk in and decided to try Fox Walking. I quickly discovered that you cant fox walk or as I was doing fox hobbling in thongs while using a bike to steady my bad knee. While I hobbled in to my usual sit spot. Surely it cant be this hard I thought.

Later when I returned home I was walking toward the door in bare feet and it hit me. This is how I normally walk. After years of walking bare foot, you soon discover you cant walk heel to toe without causing massive jarring. The reason I started walking barefoot 90% of the time is to place less stress on my back. Stepping with the blade of the foot is how I walk all the time..Dumbarse! Is all that came to mind.

When I started looking up on you-tube etc to find out more on owl eyes and fox walking I couldn’t find as much as I thought would be out there. Sam from Nature philosophy did a really good explanation of both. They should start a you-tube channel.