I’ve spent close to the last 20 years on disability. 12 years of that time, I spent in hospitals being cut open for one reason or another. During the period I was sick or recovering I began writing to keep me sane and my mind occupied. I dont refer to myself as being disabled, only being on disability or in a permanent state of rehabilitation. Its a state of mind. The only disability is attitude!

What kept me going through these times were shows like Les Stroud Survivorman and Ron Hoods Woodsmaster series dvds. I was always an outdoors person. Now over the past 6 years after learning to walk for the third time. Ive gotten back into martial arts, bushcraft and competition shooting.

This Blog are going to be a place I can share my thoughts and experiences. I still have my limitations and pain issues but Im not letting that stop me. It just slows me down every now and again. Thats not a bad thing it makes me appreciate the experiences I’m having even more.

The preparedness side of things is more about becoming self reliant and independent.I dont refer to myself as a prepper or survivalist. I’ve started making my own bushcraft gear after being influenced by Youtuber ‘Simon a Bloke in the Woods’, I was also an avent knife collector. Having over 600 blades at one time which I’ve gradually whittled down to under 80. At the moment I’ll be selling off part of my collection, just keeping my favorites and the ones I use the most. I’m no longer on any social media or forums in which to part with my goods.

There will be more then just bushcraft, this site will include survival, security, learning techniques, martial arts and philosophy. Some reviews, along with books and ideas and probably a lot of information on knives.

Bushcraft is anything you make of it. It started for me as a wish list of things Id like to do after (or if I ever) got out of hospital. To do a bushcraft course. Now after many courses I’ve learnt so much I though it was about time to share some of that knowledge.

There is always something new to learn, from natural navigation, knots, tanning skins and bush foods. This is a gradual path of learning and understanding that Im now leaning to a more traditional bushcraft curve of using bedrolls and oil skin tarps.

I spend part of the year traveling around the country doing training courses and the rest of the time doing rehab or looking after my disabled staffy and training in martial arts. Id like to eventually live full time in a tipi.

SERAT by the way means THE PATH


  1. Al Ainsworth

    Hows it going?

  2. joan lord

    Hi great to meet you today. We are the 2 ladies that came to your van to check it out , on the #^& road at *&^%$^&**. Will be following you on your blog and wish you all the best. Regards Joan and Linda

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