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Kamana Independent Study program

I was put onto another online training course, Im currently looking into this and thought Id share.

The Kamana Independent Study program is an experiential four-level home study course that will guide you down a path to becoming a skilled and knowledgeable naturalist. Kamana provides all the tools you need to connect with nature at your own pace, at your own place.

Wilderness Awareness School founder and original Kamana author Jon Young named this self-study course for a word meaning “apprentice” in the language of the Akamba people, natives of Kenya known for their holistic tracking skills and refined cultural mentoring practices. Unlike any other naturalist studies course you’ll find, Kamana is designed to initiate you into a way of seeing into natural mystery, a way of recognizing patterns that will entice you to follow them up into greater mastery. We pull you outdoors and get you to quiet down. We show you how to alert your senses – five and more of them. We show you how to use the field guides so that they act like living mentors as you wander through your studies. We focus your eyes and widen them to mystery at the same time.

The Nature Awareness Trail focuses on developing your awareness in an expansive way. It is about using your eyes and ears and other senses in ways not often challenged in academic training. Specific field exercises are presented and build on each other throughout the four levels of Kamana. If you work on them every day, the result will be new patterns in your awareness, an increase in your “mind’s eye” ability to visualize, a strengthening of your gut feelings, and an ability to be in the right place at the right time. In short, this trail invites you down the rabbit hole of natural mystery.

Learn to move safely and with confidence outdoors

Get to know the flora and fauna of your own backyard

Understand the language of the forest and see more wildlife

Discover the medicinal and edible plants of your area

Develop a deep connection to one place in nature

Gain perspective and find peace in grounding core routines

Wandering – A State of Mind

“Have you ever found yourself wandering, truly lost in the moment, seeing everything as if for the first time? Or coming across a discovery that you never would have found, had you stuck to the beaten track?
Wandering, as opposed to destination based walking, is a lost art form in modern culture. Dropping agendas and plans, slowing down, we become like a moving ‘sit spot’, following instincts and curiosity, open to the cues presented by the wild other. Wandering allows us to become porous to the landscape, to enter into a conversation with the land through the weaving path we take, to enquire, to wonder in awe, to discover what’s right there beyond the usual tunnel vision of the modern walker.”
Clare Dunn

Last night as I was going to bed I wrote a great article in my head on my experiences of wandering by not actually moving. By dismorning I had forgotten most of it, even the name of the article and I was thinking that no one was going to be interested in reading it anyway and must have started it three times before closing the computer. It wasn’t till I mentioned my idea to the girls on the Wandering and Holistic Tracking course in the break room chat that i decided to give it another go. I don’t usually like writing about myself unless Ive had several pain killers of which I did have last night.

In the early 2000’s my first transplant started to fail and I ended up back on an oxygen bottle with 25% lung capacity and 2 litres of 02. At this point you can still get around and drive etc but everything takes longer and wears you out faster.
Theres still the ability to take the dog down to the local park on a mobility scooter for a walk for example. However as you start to decline and end up on 4 litres of oxygen that all stops. You cant risk loosing battery power to the 02 conserver. Even on the lower amount you start shaking with lack of oxygen trying to swap bottles.

On 4 litres it takes all your time to simply walk out the front door and sit on the couch on the decking to look at the garden. Walking 8 meters to the letter box becomes an impossibility.

It was at this time I developed what they’re calling in the above course as a Wandering Mind. When your body declines that much its like loosing one of your senses that another becomes more dominant. Pain and meds make you present in the moment.

I would manage to make a coffee which was a signal to the cat and dog to run outside and I would sit with the cat on one side and the dog on the other and spend the day watching everything in the garden from the smallest bug to birds feeding, to the wind moving the plants. I like the term used in today’s course session of Dynamic Meditation.

I now find myself in a similar situation of being limited in my movements. I found out yesterday that after two months in a leg brace and walking frame that it would be another month before i could even think of removing the brace and the day before that they made a second attempt at removing a chunk of meat the size of my thumb from my shoulder to hopefully get all the cancer this time. I’m now taking lots of pain killers once again.

So I’m back to finding myself wandering without traveling or movement to do so. It has become more of a State of Mind. My wandering this week consists of;
I sit with the door of my caravan open and am chastised by a butcher bird sitting in my doorway for not feeding her bread as I wait for the Eastern Rosella Parrots to arrive. It sounds like the inside a hamsters cage with the chattering they make.I sit there with my staffy and we watch and listen to every noise and movement they make.

I’m awake at 630am. I refuse to give up the discipline of an early morning, even though i no longer work.To walk the staffy and try and have a glimpse of the morning light to see what colours Im brought today to try and silhouette them against the tree line.

“Not all those who wander are lost” J.R.R Tolkien

Australian Feather Sticks

I was just getting back into bushcraft and had signed up for Paul Kirklys Online Basic Course. The initial free video was of Paul Carving a Feather Stick. I think the video lasted for something like 40 minutes. Several thoughts jumped into my mind. Your spending 40 minutes carving a stick in order to burn it and Im not spending more than a few minutes carving anything in order to start a fire in under a minute. I then realized after watching the video several times, that he was teaching the ART of making a Feather Stick. The whole concept then changed for me.

However were in Australia. Several things to consider. The oils in the timber here dont require that much processing to ignite and the timber is much harder than Northern temperate Species. I have never seen anyone make a Feather Stick Here.

However Making Feather Sticks on softer timber allow you train your knife and carving skills for larger projects. A Feather Stick is usually the first and a Tent Peg the second lesson or project when learning carving skills.

Dan Wowak from Coalcracker Bushcraft came up with an interesting idea in one of his videos. Why not use shavings instead. Same blade skills used and I thought this was a much better way of using a Feather Stick in Australia when trying to start a fire in wet weather than trying to form a carved stick in hardwood.


This is the mentality of what modern society has receded to.Needing warnings on everything. “Dont lick the hot surface”, I thought would be obvious. So to all the Crayon Eaters and Window lickers.

  1. All statements made on my blog, or any other medium, represents only my personal opinion on the particular issue, unless I specify a different source. I assumed that this would be obvious considering that this is just my personal blog, but I guess in this day and age even the obvious has to be stated.
  2. I am not an expert on any issue concerning bushcraft, survival, camping, or any other outdoor pursuit. This is a hobby for me. Again, I have assumed that would be obvious. Ive done a lot of training courses and wanted to share some of what I have learnt.
  3. I do not make any income in any way from anything related to my blog, or anything else related to bushcraft or other outdoor activities. I sell off a few of my own blades Ive collected, or th odd item I make. survival Supplies Australia has given me a affiliate link which I have stated previously. I dont have a large enough reader base to make any money.
  4. If you decide to do anything that I show you, do it at our own risk. Again, something that should be obvious.

Holistic Tracking

This was my first course with Claire Dunn from Natures Apprentice and Jon Young. I didn’t actually read the description of the course correctly. I thought it was more about a physical tracking course.. Being stuck in a caravan for two months with a leg injury and heavy pain meds I really needed something to do. I was starting to go stir crazy. However I’m glad I participated.

I learned a lot about myself. What Ive been doing naturally for many years had been put into words. After doing a lot of mind-fullness training in martial arts and becoming aware of the environment around you from numerous security courses in situational awareness it all combined eventually into what Claire was describing as a wandering mind.. A wandering mind is being taught to have presence in the moment and to pay attention to the relationships that occur around you.

Although I’m not sure if I like that description as it sounds like your not paying attention but its exactly the opposite. If I understand correctly its applying the theory of mind-fullness from martial arts to being outside the dojo. In the moment and engaging with the landscape.

Jon said something interesting that Ill be working on for the next week until the second session.

“What senses am I using and what question am I working on” in other words am I using all of my senses to work on the question/problem im facing in front of me. Bringing in a wider awareness and expanded mindset and applying this to relationships in nature. Point A to pint B exercise. Instead of going directly from point A to point B. Go towards point B.

I spent 12 years of my life connected to a 9 meter oxygen hose. It took all my time and effort to make it outside onto a lounge to sit there with my cat on one side and dog on the other. Being in the moment. Absorbing everything around me, aware of every little movement. Almost like meditation. I have that same feeling every-time I’m in the bush taking photographs and looking at different angles and being aware of the lighting and shadows around me.

Tentipi Safir 7

Ive been looking into the Tentipi range of tents. The Safir 7 would cost me about $3500 AUD shipped to Australia. This size spans 4.5 meters. The next size up the Safir 9 I believe spans 5.3 meters. The problem with the larger sizes would be finding a spot to pitch it in the bush where you wouldn’t have to clear trees.

My new van is almost ready to pick up which is being used for storage and traveling but when my old caravan sells Im intending to live full time in a tipi. This style I can have a small fire place inside for cooking and heating.

Id like to set up a platform system something like this

These have to be imported. Survival Supplies Australia have contacted the company to be a sales agent but they require a showroom .

Camp Cook kits – Stoves

I was watching Dan Becker on Youtube at the same time testing out my MSR Pocket Rocket when a friend arrived for a visit and asked about the MSR, So I decided to write down my thoughts on suggesting products for them.

Firstly what are you interested in. Fuel economy, weight, how fast a stove will boil water, cost of the stove, ignition system, pack-ability, reliability. Im not an ultra light hiker. Id like to have one of these stoves in the car for break downs or for cooking lunch on the side of the road when traveling. Im in the bush I dont care how long a stove takes to boil. If one stove takes 30 seconds longer than another brand I dont care I haven’t owned a watch in 40 years.Im looking for an emergency style stove for a quick meal.

msr pocket rocket and snow peak combo set

Ive never owned a jet boil (kit) I always wanted a pot I could cook a meal in not just boil water for dehydrated meals. I like that option. I also dont like titanium it heats up too quickly and burns food. Id only use titanium for ultra light hiking and for boiling water only for pre-prepared meals.

this ias the best I can do with pictures at the moment one more week in the leg brace

The pots I use are a Snow Peak combo set in alloy and Im trying out a Stanley stainless steel pot. At this time I only own the MSR pocket Rocket after many hours of researching on youtube (check out paleo hiker md) but Im looking for a second stove to keep in my car permanently. The Jet boil mighty Mo is the direct competitor to the MSR and sells at the same price. However for a car stove how can you beat $30 for a 360 degrees fumo. The fumo would be a good starting point for anyone not sure or has never used a butane stove. However Ill still end up with a jet boil mighty mo just to see if I like it more than a msr pocket rocket.

The stoves I would suggest

jet boil mighty mo $99

360 degrees fumo $30

msr pocket rocket 2 $99

Comparison Stoves

There is only one store Ive found that sells the Soto brand in Australia. I haven’t had much to do with them and are only here as an option. The Jet boil stash, Im not paying anything over $100 for a stove. The only time Id look at this stove is if I was into ultra hiking which Im not. Couldnt find a Snow Peak Giga Power any where. The Msr Reactor for over $500 I think id break it in a day.

Soto amicus $80

soto windmaster $110

msr reactor $520

jet boil stash $229

Snow peak giga power N/A

Stoves where to purchase

Soto stoves


snow peak trek combo



sea to summit alpha spoon

Gosamer Gear bamboo spoon

Holy Grail of camp cook kits

jet boil mighty mo

360 fumo

msr reactor

ditching the jet boil

Paleo Hiker MD for every stove comparrision

Wool Anoraks

Do I need a wool anorak in Australia ? Probably not but the temperatures lately Ive been reconsidering. Id really prefer one that opened at the front but no company were willing to modify their existing products. I have contacted the Wandering parson who was making a prototype many years ago but am still waiting on a reply.

The next best option is a Mackinaw by Stormy Kromer. However I ordered mine just as the USPS shut down deliveries to Australia and it traveled halfway around the US before being returned and the company who then refunded me the cost minus the I believe $160 AUD in postage. Which I thought was nice customer service. I would still prefer a hood. currently the cost of a Stormy Kromer from Amazon with shipping is around $750 AUD.

I am currently trying out a woolen poncho by Blues Bushcraft Boutique and am thinking about making it into a Mountain-man Capote design. Otherwise Im thinking of ordering a Lester River in a larger size and having it opened at the front.

Amendment 14/AUG i heard back from Wandering Parson and he can make the anorak for me with a zippered front and lowered pockets.

mountain man capote

Boreal Mountain $300 to $340 / USD $430 AUD

Lester River $335 USD / $480 AUD

Asbell Wool $150 USD Northwoods model / $220 AUD

The Wandering Parson ETSY $515 AUD including shipping

Blues Bushcraft Boutique Poncho

Stormy Kromer Mackinaw

Alternatives to Filson

Lester River Anorak

Rule of Puppets

Looks like were being ruled by puppets, all owned by Klaus Schwab after seeing the same retoric by Prime Ministers in New Zealand the Nederlands, Canada Im waiting for the same to happen here with albo.

I had a conversation with someone that said they were no longer sheep because they have started paying attention.My response was. They were still sheep they just didnt have the glazed look in their eyes anymore.

People say that things have changed . Well no they havent its always been the same its just that people are paying attention now.

Freedom is slowly being replaced with something else. Many people will willingly give up their freedom for the feeling of safety, but that feeling is an illusion.

Try paying attention People.

Reporters without borders ranks the US press as being the 53rd freest press along with Botswanna and Crotia.

Terrorism is being used to break the economy.

“Governments – Create fear to remain docile”

Signs of a restrictive regime

Sealed Borders

Banned Press

Forbidding off shore accounts

Restrictions on gun laws

Restrictions on passports

Bank seizures of personal funds

Nothing has Changed its much easier to find laws in the US than whats going on in Australia but this shows that the same BS has been going on for three hundred years not many people pay attention.


John Adams

Alien and Sedition acts

Civil War

Abraham lincoln

Suspended Habeus Corpus


Woodrow Wilson

arrested 10,000 radicals and deported non residents

F.D Rosevelt

120,000 Jap-American residents arrested in internment camps


Eisonhower 10,000 comunists blacklisted and imprisoned

New Laws US still trying to locate virtualy the same AU laws.


US Patriot Act


Homeland Security Act

Military Commisions Act

Which allows the US Government to declare citizens as enemy combatants and imprison them without trial

John Warner Defense Authorization Act

Which declares the president with the power to declare a public emergency and station troops in any city within America without permission from local government

Swiss banks wont deal with US citizens

Banks have to designate the US government as a intermediary which which means they have to report information on US clients and withhold a percentage of interest, file tax forms with the IRS, register with secuties exchange commission.

California planning on taking DNA samples of everyone arrested within its borders

Customs have the authority to confiscate, copy, analyze any laptop or data storage device brought across the border

Ahead of Schedule collapse of society

Canada Travel Bans

Do they really think were not watching

World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab

Nederlands dictatorship

Noam Chomsky Crimes of US presidents

Social Engineering to remove vehicle ownership

Banks to seize funds in the event of a collapse

Who really made money in the Afghanistan War

Canadians Fleeing

Everything that has happened in the last three years and Id say much longer than that has been nothing more than an exercise in Social Engineering to gain control. This is whats going on around us. I like studying history and the more I look back on pivitel events in the last 30 years in Australian history the more Ive come to believe they have been false flag events leading up to what has happened and what will be happening in the near future. I have always wondered why the Jews didnt leave Nazi Germany when they had the chance. I now have the answer to that question. The big question is now even if you could leave where would you go. Every single western country that was once believed to be safe are now WHAT EXACTLY? Boil little frogs boil.

The boiling frog is an apologue describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of sinister threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly.

Lock Picking

(Keep it Legal, join Lock Sport Australia.)

I developed an interest in lock picking when I worked in the security industry however i found there were much easier ways of breaking in than standing there picking a lock. I was going to start my own business at one stage helping people on a residential level to prevent break-ins many years ago.

However with lock sport starting up withn Australia the last few years and being on a walking frame for a time Ive been looking back into it as a hobby. Below is a list of equipment that I have started acquiring.

Sparrows Ranger set

6 x Picks with thermal handles

1 x Level 1 Wrenches

1 x Padlock shim set

1 x Wafer keys


1 x Mini Jim

Australian bump key set small

1 x Lockwood LW4

1 x Lockwood LW4R

1 x Gainsborough TE2

Sparrows traveller hooks

Southord auto jigglers

Sparrows coffin keys

Sparrows quick shims

Sparrow mantis

handcuff shims

Sparrows master switch

Sparrows shank

Sparrows 3 in 1 clear practice lock spool, standard and serrated

Brockhage practice padlock

Practice handcuff

Lishi LW5 2 in 1 6 pin and spacer

Youtube channels i like. the modern rouge, lock noob, lock picking lawyer, its tactical, deviant oliam, dark arts lock picking.

Keep an eye out at DALP for up coming training courses.

Lock bypassing

Pick every sort of lock

lock picks

lishi LW5

Australian Tool Sources

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