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Truckers Hitch Ridge-line Update

A different way of tying a truckers hitch without having to feed the entire length of cord through the slip loop.

EDIT 02 May Dave just came out with this clip using a prusic to combine several methods. Great idea. I saw another clip using an additional prusic to hold a toggle to use at the opposing end so it was always attached to the line instead of tying a Siberian hitch. It got me thinking though about the below clip using a taut line hitch for mechanical advantage.

I’m going to try and incorporate a pulley system into the ridge-line by having a 30 foot ridge-line and cut it in half. Add a directional figure 8 and a taut line hitch about a third of the way towards one end. Then use a prusic loop at the beginning with a toggle to form the quick loop with a bowline and then tie a Siberian hitch at the other end. A work in progress. I have trouble with my hands holding tension. So I’m trying to figure out a way to reduce that effect with the damage I have in my fingers. A double over hand stopper knot included at the end of the loose cord in the above video would prevent the end ever slipping through.

In the meantime I’m going to add several more prusics to my ridge-line besides the usual two and end up having 6 all up. 4 to hold the tarp. Two at the ends and two for the middle tarp loops. 1 to hold a toggle for the bowline and the 6th to try out Dave’s new method.

Kevin Estela 2:30 twisting the loop 3 times

EDIT 9 May

The below video shows using soft shackles to attach the prusic lines to the tarp. This may also work for the 6×8 oil skin half shelters bottom. Instead of using toggles.

PNW Bushcraft Waxed Canvas Cedar Bags

I’m having bushcraft withdrawal symptoms and have been trying to get my gear in order for my next trip. I wanted something to keep my pots in however I had to purchase the large model in order to fit the 2 lt bush pot. The only place where I have found waxed canvas purposely made for the 2 litre, the 3.5 litre bush pots and a skillet are at Camp Craft Outdoors.

sizing around the pot
brown colour

Cowboy Plates Part 2

This is part of my attempt at becoming minimalist. Only one plate knife fork and spoon.

The Firebox premium Small Cowboy Plate is hard anodized inside and out so you get the cooking performance of aluminum’s excellent heat conducting properties yet your food is in contact with a highly conductive scratch resistant ceramic layer, which tolerates very high temperatures and has the perfect micro structure to accept a seasoning. Use with a Pan Lifter so you can use your cowboy plate as a second fry pan.

New Ferro Rods

A couple of new ferro rods arrived from Survival Supplies Australia. A 5×1/2 inch Dragons Breath which I wanted to replace my smaller rods. The larger versions are much easier to use. Id like to attach a piece of deer horn onto the end for a better grip. Out of all the ferro rods I have owned this one is probably the best that I have tested. A Wazoo Necklace also came in the package in the black bushcraft version with a leather necklace. I misplaced my old one that had a magnet in the necklace cord which I think finally gave up the ghost and fell off. I wore that every where.

Sawyer Tap Water Filter

Ive been trying to figure out the sink system for the new van build. Its one thing I don’t like is drilling holes for water flow outs in floors and having to get paperwork signed off for 240 volt electrical and LPG gas fittings. I thought the easiest way to design the sink is to use Jerry cans underneath the sink and pressurize them to the tap and have the run off to another colored can. Filtering the system was also a consideration. Many of the caravan RV styles of filters don’t last very long and require repeated replacing of the filter element. The Sawyer simply screws onto the tap and can be back flushed like the smaller counterparts. I can just attach it when I require drinking water.

TOPS Fire-strike 45

I have always wanted a TOPS Anaconda 9 Tanto Point designed by Ron Hood. However Ive been gradually selling off my large chopper collection to fund other hobbies. I thought Id get more use out of the Anaconda 7B Hunters Point version as an all round survival knife and then came across the Firestrike 45. I liked the shape better and no choil. There’s not really much on this model out there. The steel Eagle tends to get more attention. What I like about the Firestrike is no choil and the tip seems to have a more tactical shape. The clip/drop point and chisel point never really did it for me on the other three similar models. I like 7 to 8 inch blades as all round camp knives that I can also chop with. Of late Ive concentrated on shorter bushcraft styles. Id like to compare the Firestrike in 7 inch with an ESSE Junglas 2 in an 8 inch as an survival with a blade only option. Probably been watching too much Walking Dead reruns and The last Of Us. Its much lighter than I thought it would be, chops fine but not as well as the Junglas 2. Could be used as a combat knife similar to a Kabar. The hump in the grip takes a little to get used to, Id like to grind out the finger choil in the grip to make it more comfortable for my size hands.

Kephart knives

Ive been re-reading Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart. Choosing a Kephart? There are several on the market from Condor, ESSE, PKS, Kabar and Bark River. Each also having differences in steels, lengths and grinds.

ESSE PR4 1095 steel 4.25 inches sabre grind sculptured micarta grips

Bark River 3v 4 inches full height grind curly maple

Kabar BK62 1095 steel 5.25 full height flat grind walnut grips (no 90 degree spine)

PKS 1095 steel 5.25 inches scandi ground curly maple grips

Condor 1075 steel 4.5 inches full flat grind walnut handle

ML knives 1095 steel 4 3/16th length tiger maple.

Brisa Kephart 115 80CrV2 steel 115mm blade stabilized walnut grip

Micarta Scales BK62


I think out of all of the brands available. If I could get my hands on the Bark River 3V that would be my number one pick. Its a 5 month wait on a ML knives hand made version being my second favorite. However since the 3V is still in production I’m thinking of getting a kit in the Enzo Brisa in Curly Maple to put it together myself. I like the 80CrV2 steel and it will give me a project to do. I have placed a pre-order for a Bark River. Ive been looking for a Bark River Nessmuk for some time and didn’t want to miss out on another limited run. The BK62 interests me, however I’d have to place a 90 degree spine on it, swap out the walnut grips to micarta and maybe shorten the blade.

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