Ive been re-reading Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart. Choosing a Kephart? There are several on the market from Condor, ESSE, PKS, Kabar and Bark River. Each also having differences in steels, lengths and grinds.

ESSE PR4 1095 steel 4.25 inches sabre grind sculptured micarta grips

Bark River 3v 4 inches full height grind curly maple

Kabar BK62 1095 steel 5.25 full height flat grind walnut grips (no 90 degree spine)

PKS 1095 steel 5.25 inches scandi ground curly maple grips

Condor 1075 steel 4.5 inches full flat grind walnut handle

ML knives 1095 steel 4 3/16th length tiger maple.

Brisa Kephart 115 80CrV2 steel 115mm blade stabilized walnut grip








Micarta Scales BK62


I think out of all of the brands available. If I could get my hands on the Bark River 3V that would be my number one pick. Its a 5 month wait on a ML knives hand made version being my second favorite. However since the 3V is still in production I’m thinking of getting a kit in the Enzo Brisa in Curly Maple to put it together myself. I like the 80CrV2 steel and it will give me a project to do. I have placed a pre-order for a Bark River. Ive been looking for a Bark River Nessmuk for some time and didn’t want to miss out on another limited run. The BK62 interests me, however I’d have to place a 90 degree spine on it, swap out the walnut grips to micarta and maybe shorten the blade.