I dont know if anyone else has thought of this idea and applied it to bushcraft before. I got the idea after competing in IPSC shooting competitions. Having two belts and inner and outer. The idea being all the gear hangs off the outer belt and the inner belt holds your pants up. Sounds simple but I havent seen any one else using it. My inspiration comes from I can sleep in the inner belt, wake up during the night for what ever and dont loose my pants around my ankles . Then in morning do my ablutions and put on the outer belt holding my possibles bag, knife sheath, saw sheath, multi tool, ferro rod, and whatever else I choose to use that day. Try squatting over a cat hole with all that gear on in the middle of the scrub.

I chose the Blue Alpha brand that incorporates a Cobra Buckle. So far the system works great. At the moment Im using a leather possibles bag for fire starting gear, a 170mm Outback Pocket Boy Outback, LT Wright Shemanese knife and an axe loop to hold my Gransfors Bruks Outdoors axe. hang it up of a night and slip it on over the inner belt in the morning. Much easier than trying to thread on all my gear on a leather belt in the mornings. The only improvement would be to have velcro on the inside of the pouches so the individual items dont move on the outer belt.

Showing the inner belt

Blue Alpha Belts