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Prepper Mindfulness

Prepping is a life style not something you can really do here and there. Life gets in the way every now and again. Ive noticed many of my friends that are into prepping are the same way, but lately they have gotten back into the prepper mindset with all that is going on in the world.
Governments have learned that it is much easier to fight each other through proxy and economics than ever firing a shot and to control people through fear rather than force.
I myself had put aside prepping to deal with loss, injury, rehab and building a new home to live in. I had enough tinned, jar food and TP to last 6 months which over the last nine months has slowly been rotated into oblivion to help save funds to pay off vet and mechanical bills. I’m still trying to save for a small trailer and working on my van which includes another fridge.
My preps are by far not complete but Ive thought of starting to stock up again on essentials. Storage room is now my short coming, hence the trailer idea. I was always buying extra tinned tomato’s when out on sale, I put them in everything from stews to curry’s. With the rising price of food and fuel I walk through the markets now and barely come out with anything for the same money which a year ago would have filled a trolley.
Seeds are once again on my list many still out of stock, chicken forage, wild garlic, strawberry spinach, walking onions, alpine strawberry’s, goose berry’s, salsify, burdock, mangel wuzel, okra. Anything easy to grow from seed and can be used as a staple.
I no longer watch the news, I no longer care about which countries are fighting one another, which are trying to create their own currency, or trying to launder off their old stock piles of arms to fight by proxy or the new variants of germ warfare. I don’t know how else you would describe our latest plague. I wont say the (C) word its not politically correct.
I prep because I know if anything goes wrong there’s always food in the pantry, even if I cant afford anything else.

EDC – Every Day Carry Bum Bag

Recently I stopped carrying items either on my belt, because of the sports seats in my Raptor the items would dig into my side. Or in my pockets due to the bulk and weight. My pants kept falling down. I was determined that anything I had in storage that I couldn’t incorporate into my system of carry for all my packs would be either sold or given away. So I started using my Versipack more and it became a habit to grab it every time I went out and I only carry the minimal of gear in it to keep down weight and what I have found I use all the time.

Maxpedition Gear Octa Versipack


Bic Lighter

Gerber Multi tool

Spare Reading Glasses

Torniquet – RATS

Wallet – Maxpedition Gear Spartan


Spare charging cable

Tactical Pen

Knife Benchmade SOCP “There may be cake and for special meat cutting tasks” Coch

Spare Handcuff key

Pry bar

Versipack I wear it over my shoulder
I always have a RATS
elcheapo glasses from chemist
glasses stored in a sea to summit soft bag pen stored on top for easy access
front pouch lighter , torch, multitool, prybar
close up of front pouch contents
pry bar and spare key I wont say where that is stroed
I got the idea for the sock puppet from Talen Sei. Finally found a use for the top section of the versipack. have a velcro belt retainer as a safety

Tasmanian Tiger TT Medic Assault Pack MK 2 LGE

Been messing around with my TT Medic Assault Pack today and trying to fill it out. Cant finish it off until I receive a full length a full length bungee section.

front with sizzors
very front pouch contains stretcher
still trying to find a place for 30mm tube tape and carabiner
need a full length bungee section to complete pack
top contains pens small survival kit and hemostats
side pouch splints, mylar blankets for thermal control and baby wipes
one side nasopharyngeal airways and a small tops beaching tool
other side glow sticks
the three inside bags the middle contains PPE the bottom airway and the top diagnostic tools
Diagnotic tools Ive kept in my maxpedition pouch I like the set up
PPE Gloves and masks
Airway Guedel airway kit, Pocket BVM i also placed a BSL (Blood Sugar Level) Kit in there because I had room till I find a better place
BSL kit
always place zippers in the middle everytime so they can be found without looking
still have rolled gauze, tape, gauze, triangular bandages, Israeli bandages, tourniquets, to fit in bungee section.
Id like to place a SOF-T tourniquet wide on the outside of the pack

Fringe Dweller

new camp
river view
had a visitor for lunch, lots of wild chickens in Tasmania

I’m still getting used to van life. I cant seem to settle. Since November Ive had to keep busy all the time, now the van is on the road I get itchy feet every few days. I know I need to organize the inside better. Met a Youtuber today Richard from Bushcub’s Adventures. At-least I actually talked to someone. I’m starting to feel like a fringe dweller, living on the edge of society. Life was easier when I had my staffy, Its been 9 months now and I still miss her every day. Had to come down out of the hills, not enough sun to charge the panels. I was using the diesel heater more up there.

Falls Trek

I don’t know who works out how long it takes for a track to walk but their full of shite! 10 minutes more like 30. Pushed myself on this one. I don’t like giving up. It also ended the day for me, camped around the corner for the night.

Van Build Part 7 More Stenciling And Solar Brackets

Today was more stenciling for the rear door and manufacturing brackets for attaching the solar panels onto the roof racks. Will require a four man job to lift them onto the van. Time to start feeding the internal wiring network.

one last panel to stencil before cutting hardwood
my mate finally finished the cooking knife
bracket manufacturing
first frost of the year
would have been the best picture of the day but miss timed the windscreen wipers
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