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Notes from After Armageddon – Pandemic Scenario Documentary

“After Armageddon” is a docu-drama narrating the tale of what changes occur to North America after the region is struck by a severe flu pandemic, wiping out an overwhelming majority of the population. Depicting the lives of a family hailing from L.A. who struggle to survive among the epidemic struck region and battles all odds. The father in this family is a paramedic and takes every precaution to keep the disease at bay. The film also has a narrator who informs the viewers about the severity of the situation.

The son and wife of the man wants to move to a safer location but he refuses to oblige them. It is quite horrific to see armed gangs looting houses for scarcity of food and essential commodities. Finally, the family is forced to leave their house and find a safer location. The filmmaker excels as he depicts the process of degeneration among humans in such a severe situation.

Tendencies for governments to plan for the normal – disasters arent normal, may become overwhelmed and not ready

People form together in gangs to obtain resources needed

No law and order – predators appear

Find things along the route that will be useful and your going to take them

Going to have to forage which is a nice term for looting

Without food, water, or power cities become waste lands

Variations of skill sets required to survive

When cities become inhabitable youll have to leave

Will have to become invisible to be passed by

Harder to protect family members

If enough people try to evacuate at once, roads will become jammed and impassible.

Major gridlock a secondary event

Desperation rises after exits blocked

People will pretend to be authorities

Who are really officials and who arent

On average a pandemic occurs every 30 to 40 years as a predicable cycle. Its been almost 100 years since seeing a rapid moving virus such as swine flu, combined with a mortality rate of avian flu.

Takes dense populations to allow a pandemic to arise and then spread. Cities most vunerable.

2007 is the first time that most of the worlds population has lived in cities

Transmissionability relys on person to person proximity

Global networking can mean a disease can now spread in hours or days, faster than we can react.

When warned a few times before, the level of sensible reaction goes down

When a potential pandemic first appears and it cant be identified, they will transport a patient to specialist hospitals where two hospitals will then be infected.

Potential for vacine production, but not time or volume needed.

Initially many will try and leave cities, this may be one way of letting it spread to the country side

Not many examples of mass migration that have gone peaceably

Hard to evacuate a small space in a short ammount of time without there being complete chaos

Trying to maintain critical services when many wont turn up exactly when and incease in servies is required

Medical care providers will do best but will be overwhelmed

Hospitals will become full and be closed/barracaded. They will become places of infection and wont have drugs or vaccines anyway

LA County has 10 mil people, average hospital have beds for 25,000. 4000 available on any given day. When close to capacity maybe only several hundred beds.

Medical supplies in critial ammounts

Antibiotics will be worth their weight in gold

When or if, will care givers say “I have a family, their at risk and leave patients”

When point comes to say lets close the borders the damage will already be done

Individuals will recognise that survival and well being is in their own hands and may not be prepared for it

9 Meals to anarchy, in less than two weeks the world may be changed

Infection rates rise, not containable (reduce travel)

Mass communication systems break down from overuse adding to general chaos

Effects police, ambulance, fire, rescue services, the people that look after power supply and internet

Global internet designed to survive a nuclear strike but cant withstand failure of human labour

When internet fails then transport, freight, logistics, goods and services stop production lines

Mother of all dominoes liquid fuels. When fuel slows or stops then other domino’s start to fall

No trucks then no grocery’s, shops replenish every few days

Most people have 3 days of food in the house, to go to ground would need 3 months

When you no longer have goods or services, then you have pandemonium

How thick in the veneer of civilization is how many days to anarchy

Pandemic may last 90 days, very few people have supplies to last long enough to not need to go out and resupply during that time

Staff and fuel shortage trigger multiple power and fuel outages and power station failures

102 nuclear power plants in US but only 5000 workers to run them

When system out of balance there will be a series of shut offs, with commutations down. Dependant on information by electronic means

Domino Effect – Power, Water, Communications, Food, Fuel

First Immediate problem in cities in an aftermath are unburied bodies with no organized services for removal

After pandemic burns out then survivors succumb to cholera, dysentery, famine

Disease declines, people become immune for atleast that cycle

Sit and wait it out – gripped by despair and boredom, no electronic entertainment

Some will not be able to emotionally transition this stage of nothing being the same as before – State of disassociation when cant deal with situation

Reliant on freezers to store food before that they used cold stores

With blackouts sewage stops. How to deal with sanitary issues along with water supply

When hungry one way or another youll need to feed your family

When garbage piles up a city closes

Dead bodies have pathogens and require burying asap

People can become predatory to secure supply’s for themselves

Prisons effected, cant keep criminals locked up

Stores Cleaned out by third day, thats when things get crazy

Gangs formed to obtain resources

Security becomes first and foremost

Become invisible by making house look like its already been looted

Better not to be seen than to try and fight

Reduce interior lighting to blackout conditions, reduce smoke and cooking smells

At some point in a crisis the city becomes uninhabitable and will need to leave

Sheltered in place for so long and exhausted food supply – will have to leave city

Lots to think about and lots to plan in that event

Fuel – mileage of vehicle, ability to carry goods by foot or push bike

Bug Out Bags – water is heavy and bulk of weight

Use easy to carry foods with lots of calories, shelter

Security will become paramount – people will kill for what you carry

ID for in case situation stabilizes

Making it to another state may be more difficult but making it out of the city may be even harder, blocked roads etc

Avoid roads chocked with dead cars

Traveling light and fast by foot will be a challenge

Main roads will be ambushed, this will be the most expected way to travel. Use alternative routes

Find routes to travel sector to sector to get through difficult points

Larger towns will be abandoned to try and find better places, hoards of people will strip the countryside as they go, refugees will swamp surrounding city areas

Safer to travel by foot but may not be practical, or efficient to reach a safe destination

We will become Opitunivores – find things along route and take advantage of them

Every level you rise in survival, competition gets different

People in smaller communities block roads and arm themselves to keep out contagion and reduce impact on resources

Lifeboat Scenario – If lifeboat is full after ship sinks, do you pick up people in water and kill everyone too or do you row away

Parents have to worry about taking care of their children on top of taking care of themselves, adds to stress and vulnerability

How would people react to no matter where you go it will be dangerous and my children might die

Abandon cities in search of food

Sources of water most important when bugging out

Need to remain invisible by not taking an easy path

Most of the time to maintain safety and security youll want to avoid roads even if clear, they will still be the most frequently traveled

People are capable of barberism and selfishness but also great generosity when banded together against a common enemy. There is a limit to generosity – not infinite

Obvious food sources will be emptied earlier, check nooks and crannies that may have been overlooked – industrial complexes

First things most critical after a disaster are food and fuel

Food will be power as a resource

Bartering worth more than money

Fuel – Cary extra fuel containers and check every vehicle when passing. Dont need a syphon, just pierce tank with a hammer and screw driver or use drain plug and wrench. Destroying the tank wont matter with no fuel to replace long term use.

Farms are reliant on fossil fuels for fertilizer and mechanical agriculture

3 months into scenario, easy pickings already gone. Youll have to be creative and know where to look for food and resources

Longer the senario lasts the more food will spoil

Filtration of water becomes important – either treat with chemicals, filter or boil

Under dire circumstances people look at pets as a source of food, usually other peoples not their own

Children adapt faster to famine states of mind

Order may become established faster within smaller towns – secure borders and limits on who enters like nations do but in smaller regions

Authority is local but power to enforce is through coercion and threats

Phases – destruction, reconstruction and resurgence

Amateur radio requires no infrastructure to work

Living by wits

No prisons, penalties are shooting on the spot

We like to think that progress has made us nice people but were nice mainly because were rich and comfortable. When not comfortable we wont be that nice

Areas will be repopulated due to water resources

Limited health care, will go back to 1700-1800s no immediate pain relief or antibiotics

Without medications mortality rate rises

Salvage for trade will only be worth transporting high value commodities

Cowboy Plate

I came across the Cowboy Plate by Firebox on the Aussie Storm Website while looking to see if the 1.6 litre Tatonka pots were back in stock. Ive gradually become interested in minimalism not that you could tell from the amount of camping gear I own. However living in a van and traveling from one state to another every year you tend to dispose of things gradually to make it easier to pack up and just keep what is absolutely essential.

This is a process which I am far from. My aim is to get down to one plate, one bowl and one cup. I have given away the remainder of my crockery and went down to scratch resistant caravan style cookware and have been looking for a titanium plate to take its place now i have now microwave that requires non metallic crockery. Narrowing it down to a Kieth brand.

I’m thinking the cowboy plate may be the answer that Ive been looking for.

Ranger Roll Traditional Version

Ive tried a few different versions of a Ranger Roll. From using a bivi bag combined with a sleeping bag and canvas bedroll for a ground sheet. This one is more of the traditional version incorporating a Helikon tex Taiga Green poncho combined with a Helikon Tex Swagman Roll in adaptive green and reflective blanket.

colour differences between the adaptive green and taiga green

I may also include a wool blanket for winter use, however this will mainly be used for 1) my GHB Get Home Bag to reduce weight for carrying long distances and 2) a trial use to test out for when Dave Cantebury returns to Australia to teach his Level 1 course. In my GHB I also have a Snugpak Stasha Tarp and a Snugpak special forces Bivi bag in coyote.

toggle attachment system for corner grommets

The idea behind teaching it on survival based courses is to use one item for multiple uses but in reality Id rather carry an extra tarp so you dont have to take apart your sleep system to set up overhead shelter. The same goes with a poncho. You would have to take apart half your sleep system, but thats the idea of learning to adapt with minimal equipment.Adds to the challenge. Ive chosen to stay with a plain colour scheme, no camouflage. Multicam is very hard to come by at the moment.

Something I would like to try with this system is to use a SOL Escape Bivi instead of the mylar reflective blanket and keep the reflective blanket for use as a tarp. I dont think anyone has thought of using the SOL bivi along with the Swagman Roll,it would free up the use of the poncho.

Food Storage 3 What To Store

I was asked the question What to store and how to store and process. Part 1 was about mixing grains and beans to form a complete amino acid chain. My idea behind storing food is to prevent me from going feral for a long as possible and also to avoid what may occur if rioting happens.. I plan on growing gardens to be sustainable. Flour , sugar and powdered milk make a great damper recipe. I dont have the room or the funds for may of the types of food I would like to store. Its easier for me to store flour rather than wheat, the same with rolled oats rather than whole. Beans depends on recipes. I had brought 25 kilo of black beans to later find out I dont like black beans. So lesson is try the recipes before buying bulk. I can live off lentils and rice for ever but you also need the herbs and spices for flavorings. I dont eat many tinned foods but buy vegetables , tomato bases and tuna. Rice, tuna, veges and corn flour an easy tuna mornay.ill try and do a recipe section of the below mentioned grains and how to combine them when Im off the current meds for my leg, but heres a start for anyone wondering where to begin. Tubs and mylar bags suppliers are also listed at end for storage. Essentually pack in mylar bags in rubber sealed tubs as many grains and beans and rice as you can . At the time I did mine it cost me $800 for 25 kilo bags giving me two tubs of each.


hard wheat


yellow split peas

red lentils

haricot navy beans

chick peas

basmati rice


potato flakes


pinto beans

borlotti beans

cannalini beans



powdered milk

grain whole saler

square 15 litre tubs

mylar bags

hard wheat

retzel grain mills

Blog Update 3

Had a few new products arrive to test out for my get home Bag. A MSR Pocket Rocket Stove, A Helikon Tex Taigaia Green Poncho and a All Weather Survival Blanket.Im sitting here in my old caravan after being let out of hospital hobbling around with a leg brace for the next 4 weeks doped up on endone. So I dont know how much posting Ill be doing. Maybe ushering people over to the van to test out the poncho with the wet weather ? Id like to say thx to Bazza for helping me set up the van and looking after my staffy for the last two weeks. Without his help I would be in a lot worse situation. Looks like the throat biopsy is benign but still waiting on results but they said it didnt look bad!Still have another chunk of meat to be removed from my shoulder so that will make life on a waking frame that much more interesting.Will be grabbing some gorilla tape to try out Dave Canterburys reinforcing video for a project to do. Concentration isnt the best and not eating well from the pain in the throat. Just had a handfull of pills so off to sleepy bo bo’s. Goodies reference.

looks sturdy

Food Storage 2

I think this is either part 2 or 3 of food storage without looking it up. Its been two years since the plague arrived. You can say plague but not covid. The more people I talk to in the general population the more it seems to feel like this isnt going to end well. Everyone is worried. After reading Selco Begovics last book Im more convinced of its not the nutters or the junkies or ferals or the government that we have to be concerned about but the middle class and their right to entitlement. When foxtel goes down or even more importantly the internet then I can see riots in the street. After the last two years and now the price of fuel sky rocketing and people still dont have a minimum of three months of food or god forbid toilet paper.


Three months staves off famine in these uncertain times. Six months is even better. If I had a shipping container Id have it filled to the brim, but Ive tried to have enough stored away where I dont have that fear everytime the word Rationing is used or Global Food Shortage.

The old axiom is to use the food you have in the fridge first then the freezer. Then canned goods etc etc. Ive had canned vegetables and fruit in a cupboard for two years and they have turned to mush.

Each person has to work out for themselves what to store for their own families. The way Ive done it for myself is as mush dried grains as I could purchase at the time which was over three years ago. Sealed in mylar bags and plastic buckets and cost me around $800. That cost would now at least be tripled

The way I look at it is this. Shipping containers filled with 44 galon drums of food. I dont know anyone that could afford to plan on that scale. I need enough food that I can feed myself and those I care for around me. Until gardens can be initiated. (In practicality these should be going way before they are required).

Its not about having enough food to feed myself for two years. Its about having enough so Im not panicking at initial trouble. I wont feel the urge to be around rioting for last minute scrounging. Its to hold off becoming feral ike everyone else for as long as possible.

What are the easiest ways to control mass population. Fuel for heating and transportation and through food and communications for information. So think of ways to negate these,A Primary, An Alternative, A Contingency and Emergency action plans. PACE.

GHB New Ideas

I was watching Dave Canterburys youtube clip on bug out bags and got some good ideas to upgrade to mine. Such as placing my tourniquet on the harness strap to save room from placing a full IFAK inside and incorporating a Vietnam era hammock system However these are hard to find in Australia but I found a new version at Sord Australia Military products. Depending on if I change my bag or not Im also thinking of adding a Cold Steel Spetnaz shovel. I have several Platatac Gonk mats that may fit. These can be used as kneeling pads and seats aswell as a ground pad and are non inflatable.

Dave Canterbury BOB

Sord Torrid Jungle Hammock

Platatac Gonk mat

Get Home Bag Updates

I tried out several items from my old Get Home Bag, which I based around the set ups by Corporals Corner and the Grey Bearded Green Beret listed below. I changed a few things around to suit more the packing of the items and updated a few items that I owned to a heavier duty versions.

I started packing everything into ziplock bags and removing any pouches or existing bags to reduce weight, added a Silky pocket boy for cutting wood. There is a lot of stuff in an IFAK that I wouldnt use. Its more major cuts Id be treating.

I would only need one contractor bag for filling with soft material for sleeping on or water proofing and collecting water. Ive purchased a Helikon tex Poncho so the holes line up with the poncho liner . Im also going to pre rig a ranger roll and strap it to the bottom of the bag so its ready to go. This saves room in the main pack and I only have to unwrap it if its raining to access the poncho, other than sleeping in it.

Id also have the snugpag stasha Tarp pre rigged with the parachute cord and guylines already attached and rolled up for quick deployment. Im also trying out a few different biodegradable soaps that are also have insect repellent qualities..

Ive also decided to purchase an MSR Pocket Rocket stove and two canisters for boiling water rather than lighting a fire. The little stove can boil water in minutes with little signature.Ive always been put off these stoves due to never being able to find the fuel canisters but for the purposes of a 3 day hike Ive reconsidered.

Shelter kit

Helikon Tex poncho liner

Helikon tex poncho

SSA mylar blanket heavy duty

Snugpak bivi Bag

x1 contractor bag

snugpak tarp Stasha

x4 tent pegs

parachute cord 30m with number 36 bankline prusic loops attached

Fire kit in a zip lock bag

Bic lighter

ferro rod




Water kit

32oz stainless bottle

grayl filter

nesting cup

MSR Pocket rocket plus 2 fuel canisters

Food kit in zip lock bags (still working on this section)

emergency bars

Cliff bars

tuna sachets


Medical kit

AMK .07 pro

Ifak only pressure badage and rats torniquet: in zip lock bags

meds : personal , various pain killers, imodium, antihistamines, :in zip lock bags

Nav kit in zip lock bags


compass silva ranger

Tool kit :some of it in zip locks

bank line

silky pocket boy saw

spork titanium



tops knife hog 4.5

multi tool

gorilla tape






hygiene kit :in a zip lock bag

tooth paste



sanitation kit :in a zip lock bag

wet wipes

alcohol hand sanitizer


Accessory kit :always kept in vehicle

jacket thermal layer

spare hat

Youtube links for Corporals Corner and the Grey Bearded Green Beret GHBs

Bug out bag Food

MSR Pocket rocket

SSA Mylar all Weather blanket



Camping Goat

Bush soap

Shower and Hot Water Systems

Ive been looking into having a shower awning on the side of my new van and after looking at several different brands I came across the Quickpitch, having the most solid bracket system I could find. Im also looking at hot water systems. I dont like having indoor systems they take up too much room and when they break. Been there done that. There are several options listed below. from a Joolca portable LPG operated system. To a solar and 12volt options. Still looking into comparing whats out there, but prefer portable and easy to fix.

Shower Privacy Tents


Hot Water Systems

Ontap (12V)


Sea to Summit (Solar)

Joolca (LPG)

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