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Wooden Spoon Update

Taking a short break from carving to post pics. Seem to be able to take my time and concentrate more on Tramadol SR, at-least there’s less pain in the hands and no cramping. Walking up and down stairs to get these pictures is another matter entirely. I try and make time for at-least half an hour for carving to relax every few days. Its not like I need to use it straight away. I use carving and flint knapping more for meditation and like to take my time.

Getting some good pictures of the sunsets

the dots in the background are thousands of fruit bats

Sharpening Discipline

Its always a good habit to get into to touch up your blades after each day of use. Not only are they easier to sharpen before they are totally blunted but also to oil them to prevent rust. The last week I used the two larger blades in the pictures I ended up in hospital for a series of operations and never got back to them until today, 8 months later. Sharpening my carving knife reminded me to get them out and I have paid the price. They will now require much more work to get an edge back on them and a lot of TLC with steel wool and oil to remove the rust that has started to develop.

the old texta on the edge trick

My Favorite Crooked knife

favorite cook knife

When I first wanted to try carving I searched for a traditional hook knife and found them at Cariboo blades. I asked Aki and Scott if you just had one hook knife in the bush what would it be and they made me the following blade. “Which has a medium size blade with a longer walnut handle. The blade has a little more hook. The steel is from spent lumber mill band saw blade (15N20)”. After double checking the sizing with Aki and Scott although I thought the timber was Yew. Ive had it for must be five years now and is still my favorite. If I’m carrying a carver in the bush rather than carry and entire tool roll of specialist tools I carry this one blade. I seem to get a lot more leverage if that’s the correct term, making it a lot easier for me to use with the damage I have in my hands. The edge is also sharpened on both sides for left and right handed use, but I like being able to change directions when making a spoon.

latest project
beautiful workmanship
I keep meaning to get a 4 inch draw knife at some stage
a better look at overall shape

Blog Update 8 Carving and Beer

Haven’t been in the best of places since my Staffy passed in November. Been doing everything out of habit more than anything else. Fighting with the court system over a dodgy van build, the NDIS National Disability Scheme which seems to be a scheme in rorting the system more than anything else, working out at the gym almost every day to try and build back up the muscle Ive lost over the last year, made a new friend with cancer that Ive been trying to motivate and its ended up hes probably been motivating me more. Started drinking beer today and trying to carve my spoon project and stopped handling knives after the third beer. As I told my new mate I haven’t given up, just don’t give a f#k anymore. Selling my car and caravan and trying to buy a Mercedes Sprinter Van and live the van life for a while. I need a sea change. I write on the blog out of habit, I go to the gym out of habit and I give grief to government departments out of habit. Then I remembered something today. A promise that I made my self. It was 8 years Dec 3rd since my last transplant The NDIS said I can apply as many times as I like till Im 60. I’m not going to live that long, I know that. The week I got Tash she would tremble under the table just from me opening a rubbish bag she had been abused that much. Her back was fused from being beaten and her leg lame from being in a rabbit trap and crippled.Couldn’t even walk 50 feet. It took years of rehab to help her. I was driving interstate to do courses and went to let her out of the car to do her business and she backed into the corner of the back seat and wouldn’t come out. She thought I was going to dump her after ten years of being with me. Today I remembered that promise. I was going to hunt that c*^t down and work his spine with a hammer that did that to her before I croak. Brings a whole new attitude to life. You-tube clips have been popping up on my phone about adopting elder Pities that have been abused. Too early yet but thinking of fostering. Seems to be something I’m good at rehabilitating abused animals. I’m better with animals than I am with people.

carving project
beer and carving good way to spend the day
sitting by the river trying to get head straight
magpie scabbing food

The above clip reminded me of Tash.

Bushcraft Burden Strap

burden strap made from deer horn

I found the below videos and thought this would make a great quick project for me that I could use as a makeshift firewood carrier, instead of having to tie knots onto two branches.

2 meters of cordage
double overhand stop knot

Burden strap


How to carry Firewood

Double Overhand Stopper knot

Another way to feed line through the toggle

Theresa Emmerich Kamper In OZ

Bushcraft Survival Australia is excited to announce that we will be hosting Dr Theresa Emmerich Kamper from the UK to run 3 specialist primitive skills courses (combined into a 7 Day course) at both our Coffs Coast and Victorian venues in August 2023.

3 Day Use the Whole Animal Course

3 Day Skin Tanning Course

1 Day Flint Knapping Course

This is something Id really luv to do. After today’s session at the gym I have a long way to go before I can get there. To think from leg pressing 180 kilo two years ago I can barely put weight on my leg on the bike and am doing under 10 kilo on upper body exercises. Building up 20 reps and four sets, so I don’t do any damage before increasing weight..8am every morning, now the work really begins. Meeting Theresa, good motivation to push myself harder.

Beech Spoon blanks

Myrtle top

I ended up purchasing a Myrtle Beech and White Beech blanks. A little easier to carve than the Sassafras until my hands get used to working again. I may try burning the bowl on the Sassafras and using only my Esse bushcraft blades RB3 and CR2.5 to carve them out.

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