favorite cook knife

When I first wanted to try carving I searched for a traditional hook knife and found them at Cariboo blades. I asked Aki and Scott if you just had one hook knife in the bush what would it be and they made me the following blade. “Which has a medium size blade with a longer walnut handle. The blade has a little more hook. The steel is from spent lumber mill band saw blade (15N20)”. After double checking the sizing with Aki and Scott although I thought the timber was Yew. Ive had it for must be five years now and is still my favorite. If I’m carrying a carver in the bush rather than carry and entire tool roll of specialist tools I carry this one blade. I seem to get a lot more leverage if that’s the correct term, making it a lot easier for me to use with the damage I have in my hands. The edge is also sharpened on both sides for left and right handed use, but I like being able to change directions when making a spoon.

latest project
beautiful workmanship
I keep meaning to get a 4 inch draw knife at some stage
a better look at overall shape