I came across the Cowboy Plate by Firebox on the Aussie Storm Website while looking to see if the 1.6 litre Tatonka pots were back in stock. Ive gradually become interested in minimalism not that you could tell from the amount of camping gear I own. However living in a van and traveling from one state to another every year you tend to dispose of things gradually to make it easier to pack up and just keep what is absolutely essential.

This is a process which I am far from. My aim is to get down to one plate, one bowl and one cup. I have given away the remainder of my crockery and went down to scratch resistant caravan style cookware and have been looking for a titanium plate to take its place now i have now microwave that requires non metallic crockery. Narrowing it down to a Kieth brand.

I’m thinking the cowboy plate may be the answer that Ive been looking for.