Do I need a wool anorak in Australia ? Probably not but the temperatures lately Ive been reconsidering. Id really prefer one that opened at the front but no company were willing to modify their existing products. I have contacted the Wandering parson who was making a prototype many years ago but am still waiting on a reply.

The next best option is a Mackinaw by Stormy Kromer. However I ordered mine just as the USPS shut down deliveries to Australia and it traveled halfway around the US before being returned and the company who then refunded me the cost minus the I believe $160 AUD in postage. Which I thought was nice customer service. I would still prefer a hood. currently the cost of a Stormy Kromer from Amazon with shipping is around $750 AUD.

I am currently trying out a woolen poncho by Blues Bushcraft Boutique and am thinking about making it into a Mountain-man Capote design. Otherwise Im thinking of ordering a Lester River in a larger size and having it opened at the front.

Amendment 14/AUG i heard back from Wandering Parson and he can make the anorak for me with a zippered front and lowered pockets.

mountain man capote

Boreal Mountain $300 to $340 / USD $430 AUD

Lester River $335 USD / $480 AUD

Asbell Wool $150 USD Northwoods model / $220 AUD

The Wandering Parson ETSY $515 AUD including shipping

Blues Bushcraft Boutique Poncho

Stormy Kromer Mackinaw

Alternatives to Filson

Lester River Anorak