I was watching DJ from Bear Essentials and he reminded me that one of my bucket list projects was to build a traditional A-Frame with only primitive materials. However being on disability I’m going to allow a chainsaw, Haha. Being in Australia materials will differ from the Northern Hemisphere (Very few straight timbers) and the ground is generally too hard to dig by hand for a sunken floor. So Ive been going through the following clips trying to come up with a design to suit conditions here. However the East Coast Ive found usually has straighter regrowth timbers, that would look similar to European and US species. So it will be a combination of supports from Bushcraft GR with fireplace from Bear Essentials, super shelter walls from TA Outdoors, etc etc.

Bear Essentials

Bushcraft GR

Bushcraft Tools

TA Outdoors

Luxon Bushcraft

Alone in the Forest

Adam Arrow Outdoors

Clay Hayes

Life In the Forest

Survival lilly

Life of Mike (Post Burning Tutorial)