I placed an order through John Maynard at Badger Claw Outfitters for a Heritage Edition axe/saw sling. A waxed canvas russet brown canteen carrier in 10 oz canvas and a Possibles Belt pouch.

The sling comes with reinforced tabs fitted with brass rings.Leather closure strap with antique brass buckle.English bridle leather shoulder strap with antique brass buckle.

Very good quality workmanship. I’m trying to go old school as much as possible with much of my gear now. John is great to deal with. Ill be testing these out, while on my trip next month.



canteen carrier
plenty of room for a nesting cup
heavy duty clips
rustic brindle leather belt loops
I like the aged look
heritage saw/axe bag
heavy duty brass fittings
the axe is meant to go in this end but the saw was handy for pics
Eskar saw fits well