Part of the last few courses Ive done were to pick three birds around your sit spot areas you didn’t know anything about and learn about them. What I learnt was my bird ID skills were crap.The birds I thought were Minors were Blackbirds and minors I thought were Butcher Birds for a start. I can now tell male from females and have a different appreciation of starlings and minor birds. The Australian Robin is something Ill have to look into even more. Beautiful little birds.

male black bird
minor bird
Australian robins

What prompted me to take this more seriously, because I’m not a birder. Is that the Magpies were chasing other birds either into the house or into the windows. One fell by my side while I was trying to read and I had to protect it from the Maggies until it recovered. It then flew inside the house. Seemed to have followed me inside. I just couldn’t figure out what it was . Female black bird or juvenile Starling?