I was watching the two you-tube clips below on edge modifications to a Cold Steel Recon Scout 3V and sent mine off to a mate to have the edge checked to see if was worth me adjusting the angle from 25 degrees to 20 degrees. He firstly asked if it were to be used as a skinner/fighter or a chopper/survival knife. This was was purely for survival. His opinion was to leave it as is. With Australian hardwoods a sharper angel would chip the edge. The edge itself he thought would require honing only on his Japanese Water Stones. One comment on the bottom of the clips was that they decided not to purchase a Recon due t the change in ownership and quality control, however I found this rendition of the Recon I have liked the most. My friend also has an original recon and believes that the grip is also slightly thicker but has yet to find the carbon model to double check.

He has also modified the sheath to use as a cross-draw by manufacturing an adapter plate.

Along with an adapter to make the Extrema Ratio Pugio fit better onto molle.

The third project was to add an primary bevel to the TOPS El Pionero false edge.