First time walking without the leg brace in almost five months. The physio has me on a new exercise regime of walking practice without the brace only inside and controlled with crutches, squats from a bench, leg lift, standing from a chair and hold and release stretches. In a new level of pain by the end of the day. Haven’t had much time for bushcraft.The trailer I brought to continue traveling and doing training courses leaks like sieve. Almost lost everything I owned due to water damage, so now looking for a lawyer to try and get my money back. After being in this state for just over a year I have absolutely no confidence in the government system here. Your lucky if anyone gets back to you in three months and when they do it seems they use any little technical loophole to get out of doing their jobs. Have the goal of being out of the brace in six weeks. Trying to get used to living in a house again. I don’t like the walls.It is nice having an indoor fireplace, first time having an indoor bathroom in four years. I feel like I’m getting soft.Actually been sleeping in past six am.

staffy watching me hobble around doing rehab
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