Danner Mountain 600

Ive been going through several different brands of boots in the past four years and have stuck with the Danner Mountain series. The vibram souls take much of the pressure off my lower back. My first pair of Danner Mountains in the suede finish lasted me 18 months six months longer than 511 tacticals. Matt at Platatac replaced them at cost price and suggested going for the leather version and applying a leather creme product called collonil creme deluxe. This stuff is great. I purchased the rich brown colour danners but didnt really like the colour so brought the leather creme in a dark brown and I apply this every two months as it starts to fade from the boots showing the old colour through. Applying more to the seams which is where the old pair gave out due to getting wet too much. As soon as the toes fade I know its time to reapply and the boots have held up for over a year and look brand new each time I use the leather creme.

when they get to this stage Id give it another two weeks before reapplication of the creme deluxe

Danner importer Australia


leather care cream (Dark brown)