homemade haversck

What I keep in my bushcraft haversack. I have ended up with a core selection of equipment that I like to carry in my haversack for training courses. Starting with a note pad contained within a water proof zip up cover. Included in the cover are navigation aids for map use. A suunto compass, along with ranger beads and a whistle. Spare glasses, a head lamp, oil skin bag for collecting tinder which is kept in the lid flap. Lastly a bushcraft designed IFAK (individual first aid kit). Containing an olaes pressure bandage, quickclot, triangular bandage, nitrile gloves, soft T wide tourniquet and a snake bite bandage. I also add another smaller oilskin bag containing cordage to save me going back to my main pack while making projects on courses.

compass pouch and notebook
oilskin bag, headlamp, and IFAK, soft glasses case at top
IFAK contents

First aid equipment is from Tacmed Australia



Princeton tec fed head lamp


note book cover


compass cover


Haversack, I made the haversack myself however Id recommend the ones made by swagman outfitters which are double layered. Oilskin outside, canvas inside.