I first came across bushcraft zip ties watching Felix Imler (Bottom) using a toggle system. I thought this was a great idea however wanted something that didn’t require a toggle so I could learn better knots.

It wasn’t much later I saw a clip using a larks head. It wasn’t Coalcracker (middle), it was another channel that I couldn’t find. The Larks-head a nice easy solution to using toggles.

Recently I started paying more attention to cinches. The same as used in forming the first lock in a Truckers Hitch through the loop. I was seeing this used in more and more places. Last night I couldn’t sleep and a clip from Kusk Bushcraft (top) popped up on my feed . Kusk used the same truckers Hitch lock but doubled over the paracord. I thought this was a great adaption. I’m now looking into where else this locking system could be used.

Cinch Knot

Larks Head

Toggle System

Truckers Hitch

(EDIT) Found the original source CBYS Paracord (posted 1 year ago)