Ive been looking for a canvas hot tent style accommodation for a while and haven’t been able to import to Australia from the US, which were mainly nylon for hiking and even the Lavvu poncho half shelters were getting harder to find for over night stays. Cotton Bell tents weren’t made for 4 season permanent use.

I happened across Bushwacker Man on youtube using an Arctic 10 man military tent and the sellers in the UK had even limited sales over seas. On the off chance I sent a link to Al at Survival Supplies Australia with the intention of phoning next week after he had a chance to take a look and see if they were either interested or knew someone in the UK that could post one to me. When on the off chance he emailed me that they were importing Savotta tents and were in shipping containers due in may.

I spent half the night looking for every youtube clip and review that I could find . These looked perfect for what I wanted. I was about to purchase a tentipi safir 7 once my caravan sold. Atleast the Savotta tents were olive drab and suited the Aussie bush a little more.

Its been my intention for a while to live in a tipi or a tent and all options looked like a importation problem except for Tentipi which worked out to $3000 AUD including shipping. Looking forward to seeing the price on Savotta tents when they arrive. Id be interested in the FDF 10 JSP with windows.


Savotta camp Tents



Bushwackwer Man Artic 10 man tent

Lavvo poncho half Shelters

Tenti Safir 7